DIY: Hydrating Avocado Face Mask

Aaahhh the amazing avocado, can it do no wrong!  I add this insanely creamy fruit to everything, including sliced on toast, scooped into my morning smoothie and now massaged onto my face. Strange… yes, but amazing none the less.

This month on the blog I’m all about greens, due to my January Wellness Challenge to eat a minimum of 2 x serves of green every day, so I figured why not stick to the colour theme and add in one of my favourite DIY hydrating face masks.

This simple mask is perfect for anyone who has given their skin a bit of a thrashing over the holiday season with perhaps a little too much sun and salty water. The avocados not only feel beautiful on the skin but they are also incredibly hydrating and help to nourish the skin.




I really wanted this mask to feel luxurious so I added a little Manuka honey that we all know is so good for us. Honey is very hydrating and it helps to leave your skin feeling plump and smooth.

The last two ingredients that go into my mask are coconut yogurt that soothes any irritated skin and lemon juice that helps to brighten and tone.

So basically this mask hydrates, moisturizes, tones, soothes and brightens the skin. I mean really, what more could you want of a face-mask.   Best of all it takes under 5 minutes to make and you most probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen. Don’t you just love it!

So why not have an extra green morning today and nourish your body on the outside and inside by wearing this face mask while you sip on one of my green smoothies. Now that’s my kind of perfect morning.



Hydrating Avocado Face Mask

Makes 2-3 masks (perfect when the girls are around)


  • ½ large avocado
  • 1 tbsp of Manuka honey
  • A big squeeze of lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp of coconut yogurt (I love Raglan Coconut yogurt)

In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and mix well until smooth. Make sure your skin is clean and then gently smear the face mask over the skin. Be sure to avoid the eyes and any cuts.

Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes and then gently wash off with a warm face cloth. Finish with a small scoop of coconut oil massaged into your skin.

Note: you can use this mask multiple times a week, but just make sure that you have no reactions to it first.