Five Exciting, New Offers Just For You

I’m back. It has been such a whirlwind over the past few months. Actually, who am I kidding, the past 8 months have been full of crazy wedding planning. But it has all been so worth the effort, we ticked off an incredible (if I don’t say so myself) weekend and I have just arrived back from our amazing HONEYMOON.

If I’m completely honest I feel ever so slightly more grown up …. being able to say “ Ohh my HUSBAND said……” and also becoming a Mrs now instead of Miss. Ohh the strange mindset of a newbie wife.

Since some of you have been asking about our trip I thought I would share a few of my favorite pics from our sun soaked, salty hair, summer bliss holiday/honeymoon so you can see what we got to enjoy…….





I love holidays and the way I get time to really relax and think about what I’m doing. I always come back saturated with new ideas and possibilities. No difference this time, so let me share the changes I’m making to my business over the next 3 months.

I currently see clients over a 3-month time frame. That’s 6 sessions all up. I do this so that they can make lasting easy changes to their diet and lifestyle.  I have also recently started group coaching, which has been an eye opener for me. Amazing to see what women can accomplish with a little help and support from other like-minded women. Girl Power definitely in full swing.

While I just love the successes I have had with my clients in both of these programs, I still feel like I could achieve even more if I had extra time to focus purely on them, well actually you, my amazing clients, instead of having to hustle for new ones at the same time.

So I’m going to change things up!!!

Starting the 2nd of April I will now have set offers in place. There’s something here for everyone, whether you want to jump into my new Winter Wellness group coaching program, or perhaps a little cooking workshop.

Each program stands alone but yet they all build towards the same goal of a Healthy and Happy Life, so if they all appeal, then FANTASTASIC, sign up to them all.

Please note – I ONLY HAVE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF SPOTS FOR EACH OFFER. Once the spots are filled that’s it until…. OMG SEPTEMBER. So if you like the sound of any or all of them you need to move quickly and email me at or call me on 021 1597977.

I will be releasing a little bit of detail on each option this week but to get the excitement started, here’s what’s on offer starting in April.

One-on-one coaching

Only 5 spots available// $195 each month (2 sessions per month) or $250 a month with cooking demonstrations added to your program. 

This is my foundation program. This is where the real magic happens. The one-on-one bonding and support system you will find here gets the best results time and time again. This is definitely for you If you want to make lasting and life improving changes to your diet and lifestyle. It is 6 sessions, over 3 months and it’s perfect for anyone who want to loose weight or remove a food group from their diet i.e. dairy, gluten, sugar etc, or become a plant-based wholefood eating babe, or just get a little support and encouragement to stick to your changes and so become healthier and happier.

Click here for more info….


Winter Wellness Group Coaching

Only 6 spots available (4 are already gone)// $350 for 6 sessions

I can not not wait to kick this new group coaching program off. I have two groups on offer. One at mid-day and one in the evenings. We meet for 6 sessions over 3 months and there are 5 people per group. This option would be for you if you like working with others, learning as part of a group and/or if you want to make sure you head into the “chilly season” prepared and as healthy as you can be so as to prevent getting any nasty winter colds or flu. It has lots of interaction; laughing, learning and you will be working with a great bunch of women to help you to be at your absolute best.

Click here for more info….


Back to Basics Cooking Worksop

Only 3 spots available(5 spots already gone)// $250 for 3 sessions

Let’s go get cooking. Who’s ready to learn how to whip up the most incredible plant-based superfood smoothie, blitz cashews into cheese, cook quinoa to perfection every time, turn roast vegetables into the perfect mid-week winter soup and/or nail tasty nutritious snacks every week? If you like the sound of all of this, then this is for you.  We will be meeting on 3 occasions for an hour each time, always on a Monday morning or evening at my home. Expect to go home with lots of goodies, a full belly and a handful of recipes to get you started.

Click here for more info….

pumpkin soup 2

Revisit + Refresh Option

Only 5 spots available// $150 for 2 sessions – normally $195

This is for all my fabulous previous clients. It is two one hour sessions (at a discounted price) to ensure you are on track, sticking to your goals, setting new ones and making sure that you are generally feeling like the amazing, plant-based babe, that you know you are. Make sure to lock your spot in ASAP as I won’t be able to fit in any more sessions until September and I don’t won’t all of your hard work to slip by the wayside.



Only 2 spots available(one already gone) // $500 instead of $600

I had to create an option for you eager ladies out there where one option just isn’t enough. What I have created is an offer for the Winter Wellness Program + my Cooking Workshop or Revisit + Refresh for a discounted price of $500 instead of the normal $600. This offer is only available for three people so please let me know if you are interested and want to lock in your spot on any of these courses at this lower price.


That’s it, ladies. Five exciting new programs on the table, all designed to help you. I can’t wait to meet up and spend the next 3 months working with you.

Unsure what’s right for you? That’s ok. Just email me at and we can discuss all the options together and even met up for a free 30-minute session to help you make the right choice.

Remember I will be posting information over the week that breaks down each option so keep your eyes open and it will all be explained.

Have a beautiful day ladies and I’ll see you soon

Renee x

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