New Beauty Oil: Love Skin

I love finding beautiful new products to pamper my skin, so when I was sent this beautiful range; by Love Skin, I was very excited to give it a go.

I’ve been using Love Skin’s oils for the last month as my morning moisturiser when my skin is feeling a bit dry or is in need of some extra love. Now as you know I love coconut oil and that will continue to be my cleanser, but I do love to mix up my moisturisers and especially with oil based ones at that.

Our skin, just like our bodies thrives on variety. Just as you can’t expect to do the same exercise every day and expect to get different results, you can’t use the same beauty products day in and day out and expect your skin to thrive. Our skin (and body) gets use to what we do everyday, so that’s why I like to always mix up my routine and why I jumped at the opportunity to try these oils and add some variety into my skin care.  


Why I Love these oils:

I’ve been testing out the Arohanui Facial Oil and the Tui Cleansing Oil, both are incredible, but I have to admit I love the Arohanui Facial Oil the most. The reason is that it can be used as a treatment once a week (since it’s a strong oil) and so I have been enjoying giving my skin a little TLC every Sunday morning and letting the oil do its magic. I also have been applying a small amount onto my freshly cleansed skin after a day of modelling, when my skin is always really dry.

The Tui Cleansing oil is also great, but since I love my coconut oil cleansing method, I didn’t use this one as much. However, I did enjoy mixing up my routine every now and then and cleansing with this oil, especially as its getting colder now and my skin is looking for more hydration. 

All of the Love Skin oils are designed so that the skin can easily “recognise, absorb and send the nutrients to the areas where it’s needed” – Jo (Love Skin Creator). The botanical oils that are used in this beautiful range are all organic, are paraben free and are made in New Zealand. Basically all those good things that you want in a beauty product.

Sensitive skin:

Since my skin is really sensitive and actually breaks out really easily I am always hesitant to test new products, just incase my skin reacts. This also means that I only choose the best products and stick to natural and organic skin care wherever possible. That is why I am in love with these oils. My skin just soaked them up and has been really hydrated and dewy lately. What’s not to love!

For more information on the ‘Love Skin’ oils head over to their website which is full of interesting information on why oils are the best for cleansing and how to look after your skin: 



I hope you enjoyed hearing about this new range and that you will take a look at your beauty routine and start switching to more natural and organic products to give your skin the love it deserves.

I would love to hear about your favorite natural skincare products so please comment below and let’s have a chat.


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  1. Glad to know that there are products like this. It will sure to be very helpful with you skin goals. But before you start using it, you have to check out the ingredients of the product as well. Make sure that they are all safe for your skin.

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