The Facial + Essential Oils You Needs To be Using This Winter for Radiant Skin

I love finding and testing the latest beauty products, especially products made in our beautiful country. Last month I shared with you ‘Love Oil’s’. This month I want to tell you about a facial that is utterly relaxing and almost meditative, a range of Essential Oils that cleanse, renew and hydrate your skin, leaving it glowing and fresh.

I was introduced to this beauty range called “Radiance” by one of my incredibly talented friends.  She designed the logos for the owner Michelle. Michelle has been working with essential oils for about 3 years now and recently decided to create her own line of beauty oils and a specialised facial that supported the oils, and offered  “time out” for her clients.


There is always something very magical when talking to someone about their passions. There is lightness about them and an excitement and this is exactly what I felt like when I started talking to Michelle. She is incredibly knowledgeable with 20 years experience in essential oils and 3 years as a qualified practitioner, and this experience shines through in her beauty oils and her facials which allowed her clients the opportunity to come “back to neutral” from the stresses of their day.

Radiance Facial:

I was so curious to try Michelle’s facial, as it doesn’t use oils. It’s something complete new. You know when you go to the hairdressers and they spend those magical 5 minutes massaging your scalp.  Her facial is a massage of your face, neck, ears, and head.  It is an hour long and is absolute bliss. I’m pretty sure I entered some kind of meditative state during the whole thing because before I knew it, time was up and I was half asleep feeling very relaxed. It was definitely a “little bubble to re-group” as Michelle likes to put it.


The reason this facial is different, special, unique and all those wonderful things is because when you think it about it, we hold so much stress in our face. By booking in for one of these facials and having an hour dedicated to purely relaxing your face and massaging it, you can imagine just how restorative this would be. This technique also is known to bring extra blood flow to the face, enhance oxygenation and create more collagen which is why it is fantastic for anti-aging and for keeping our skin healthy and fresh.


I also loved that Michelle had dedicated time before and after the facial to enhance my relaxation. Firstly, she soaked my feet in warm lavender water which almost put me to sleep and then at the end of the facial she allowed me time to sit, have a glass of water and slowly come back to the world. This truly made such a difference and meant the entire time I was very calm, relaxed and focused on de-stressing and being peaceful. You know a facial is amazing when you have to pinch yourself during it just to stay awake.

Costings for the Facials:

  • $110 for the 60 Minute Facial
  • $65 for the 30 Minute Express
  • $85 for the Deluxe facial where you get tea, a longer facial and scalp massage.

The Four Rosenthal Face Oils:

I love oil cleansing and choose only the most natural and gentle products for my face. Well, let me tell you, I am so in love with this range. I have been testing them for the last month and they have become an effortless addition to my beauty routine.  I have been using the Renew Cleansing oil on alternate days with my normal coconut oil to offer my skin something new and the Glow Facial Serum on the weekends to give my skin some extra love. This is working really well for me and my skin is very happy. I believe as winter draws close we need to assess our skin-care routine.  This may mean we need to add in products a little bit richer to help counter act the dryness of winter. This is where the serum and oil cleansing can be introduced and is a great place to start.


  • Restore Cleanse: This oil is used to cleanse your skin morning and night. This is used just like the coconut oil cleansing method, but instead uses essential oils. This oil is perfect for mature, dry or normal skin.
  • Renew Cleanse: This is similar oil to the Restore Oil but is designed for sensitive skin or oily/combination skin. This was my oil of choice as I have very temperamental skin that tends to break out with products too intense or rich.
  • Glow Facial Serum: I love using this serum. There is something about the word serum that has me hooked. I visualise radiant, glowing skin so of course I have been very dedicated with my use. I like to apply it a couple of times a week over the top of my coconut oil in the mornings and before I put on my foundation.
  • Rosenthal Man: Wahoo, there is finally a great oil cleanser for my man!! Matt has obviously seen me testing out different products and using coconut oil to cleanse my face each night, which he too enjoys doing once in a while. He loves his own bottle of oil and and his face has never smelt so yummy.

These magical oils are hand bottled every week. This ensures they are the absolute freshest for you.


How do you use the cleansers??

Pump a few drops of the cleanser into your hands and massage into your face, neck, ears, and gently over your closed eyes to remove eye makeup. I recommend doing this for 1-2 minutes and really getting into the skin and giving it a good massage. Once you are all done, warm a face cloth with water and place over your face and gently wipe the oil off. 

Winter Cleansing Tip:

Michelle gave me a little inside tip that I thought I would share with you as we head into winter season. What you do is half fill a glass with warm water and add a small dish on top. Fill the dish with a few drops of oil and use the warmed oil to massage your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing off with a warm face cloth. How amazing does that sound on a chilly winters evening. Perfect for dry skin that needs some extra love.

Cost for the oils:

  • You can purchase the smaller bottles (which you can see in the image) for $15 each or 2 for $24, 3 for $30 and 4 for $38.
  • The 100ml bottles are $60 for the (Cleansers), $68 for the (Serum) and $48 for the (Man Cleanser)

I enjoy supporting New Zealand businesses that create amazing products and that are truly designed with our best interests at heart. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this new range of oils.  I have absolutely loved testing them and I  hope you decide to book in for one of Michelle’s amazing facials. It really was “magical”!


Below are the details for Rosenthal Natural Skincare. I would like to know what you think of these oils and if they are something that you would like to try, so please comment below.

Thanks, R x