Natural Beauty 101: Wellness Talk

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope you are well and managing to keep safe from all the nasty winter colds that seem to be everywhere at the moment. You are probably aware that a few weeks ago I had the first of my monthly series Wellness Talks. It was called “Winter Superfoods” and I spent the hour talking about those superfoods that are in my top ten and why they are amazing and how to get them into your diet.

Everyone went home with goodie bag filled with seaweed, matcha sachets, cinnamon, turmeric, blackcurrants and a few other goodies. We finished off with a superfood smoothie demo + taste testing.  The ladies went home with a full tummy, a bunch of superfoods to try right away and some delicious recipes to help them get inspired.


“I really enjoyed your Winter Wellness talk. I think that often superfoods are kind of ‘scary’ in the sense that they are usually pricey and have strong flavors that I don’t know how to incorporate into my cooking! But now I feel really confident using the ones we talked about, and have already used a few of those delicious smoothie recipes! The goodie bag was such a bonus it meant I could try some of them before deciding if I wanted to buy them” – Marion 

“I’m so inspired!!!! Tonight was amazing I learnt so much!!! Thank you” – Phillipa

“The journey to becoming a healthier person is hard, and there is so much to learn but thank goodness for Renee who is making it so much easier. Full of knowledge, sharing it in a way which is easy to understand and exciting. Cant wait to attend more of her talks in the future. Thank you so much Renee for helping me change my life” – Laura


Because it was such a success and I absolutely loved hosting it I have already come up with my next talk for the month of July, called “Natural Beauty 101”.

My Natural Beauty 101 talk is right for you if….

  • You love anything and everything to do with natural beauty
  • You are slightly unsure on what natural beauty products are best and don’t want to spend money on something that might not be right for you.
  • You want to switch to a natural cleansing routine but are scared or maybe unsure how to start and what it might do to your skin.
  • You are having issues with your skin, such as acne or redness and don’t know how to solve these issues or what foods might help.
  • You know you should probably change your beauty routine since you have been using it for years, but are nervous to make the switch.
  • You are eating and drinking a little bit too much coffee, dairy, sugar, gluten etc and your skin is suffering
  • The change in seasons has impacted on your skin and its feeling dry and dehydrated and in need of some love.


Does any of this ring a bell?

Well then my “Natural Beauty 101” Wellness Talk is right for you and is a good opportunity to learn a lot about natural skincare, what products to use, foods for glowing skin, hair and nails and the importance of the acid/alkaline balance in the body and how this can affect your skin health.

All the details for my Natural Beauty 101 talk:

  • Its going to be held on the 6th of July at 6pm-7.30pm (1 ½ hrs) in my home in Takapuna.
  • It costs $105 but you get 10% off if you bring a friend or if you came to my first wellness talk.
  • I like to keep my talks small with only 5 spots available, so there is plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share.

What we will be covering in my Natural Beauty 101 Talk:

  • The foods you need to be eating daily for beautiful glowing skin.
  • The importance of the alkaline and acid balance and how this affects your skin health.
  • Which foods to avoid/ limit to promote beautiful skin
  • The power of a plant-based diet
  • We will also go over oil cleansing and oil pulling for beautiful skin
  • ++ my favourite natural beauty products that I use every day
  • Lastly we will end in the kitchen and I will show you how to make some of my favourite natural face masks and scrubs that we will correlate to typical skin complaints.



What you get:

  • A bunch of recipes which are designed specifically to promote beautiful skin
  • A list of all my favourite natural beauty products
  • A goodie bag containing a few of my favourite foods, beauty products and daily essentials for glowing skin.
  • A glass of my favourite raw cold-pressed juice which keeps my skin healthy and glowing everyday


Spots are limited so if you are interested in natural beauty and learning how to help keep your skin healthy, glowing, and beautiful then email me at and I will lock in your spot.

I’m really going to enjoy this talk and can’t wait to meet you all and talk to you about my passion for natural skincare. So let’s get your winter skin glowing and hydrated, your diet packed with the essentials and your beauty routine looking inspirational.

See you all soon,

Renee x