My favourite beauty foods to feed my skin from the inside out

Over the last few months I have been surrounded by products designed to enhance natural beauty, from foods for beautiful skin, to natural organic skin care products, to powders & oil’s, and even teas that help us to look and feel our most beautiful. This is an area I am very passionate about. I love giving my body everything it needs to shine and feel it’s best, while at the same time making sure I only apply makeup that lets my skin breathe and that’s not going to cause congestion.

Part of the reason why I’m really focused on natural beauty right now, is because I had my Natural Beauty 101 talk at the start of the month. This is how I came across the incredible Bestow Beauty Range –  they kindly sent me samples for my talk, which of course got me really curious about the whole range and exactly what it does for us and our skin.



After looking into it and also trying a few of the products, I knew that you would all love to hear about it as well . So I decided to take some of my favourites from their range and talk you through why they’re good for you, what they do for your skin and how to best get it into your diet.

Sound good? Well then let’s get started….

Bestow Beauty Powder:


I’m a big powder girl and I’ve always loved adding scoops of superfood powder to my morning smoothies and porridge as a way of sneaking in a bunch of extra goodies without too much effort. So of course when I heard that they had a powder that was focused on beauty, I was very excited and knew that this would be love at first taste.

What in it: I’m sure you have heard of beauty powders before, but this one is pretty special. It contains flaxseed, kelp, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, coconut, blackcurrant and even pumpkin flour. Talk about skin boosting foods. This is why I love powders. How often would you pull out all those ingredients and put them individually into your smoothie….umm probably never, am I right? But by using a powder like this one you can tick them all off with one heaped tsp and your done. Now that’s my type of smoothie.

Why it’s good: The reason this powder is so good for us is because it’s a blend of nutrient-rich plants that all work together to improve your skin from the inside out. It contains all of the key vitamins and minerals to support good skin health which is so important because a lot of skin issues actually arise from being low in things like zinc, vitamin E and even Vitamin C. So this just ticks all those boxes for you without you having to worry if your lacking in certain nutrients. It’s also known to help grow, maintain and repair your hair and nails which is a great little bonus. I also love that it contains kelp, wheatgrass and alfalfa, as these are foods that I don’t eat in my daily diet and so I love knowing that I’m getting in a lot of nutritional variety just by adding this to my diet.



How to use it: All you need to do is add 1 tbsp. of the bestow beauty powder to your morning smoothie, blend it into your coconut yogurt and top with fruit, or mix it into your porridge or even blend it into your homemade muffins or biscuits. Talk about a healthy treat. I’m loving ticking mine off each morning in my “beauty smoothie” which I will share with you later on in the week. Trust me its such a delicious recipe that meets all your skin’s needs.

Bestow Beauty Oil:


I love how easy oils are. You can literally drizzle them into anything which makes it so easy to tick off your 1 tbsp. each day. But why its good for you, you ask? Well here’s why…..

What’s in it: This oil is a combination of flax and safflower seeds which provide the body with its Essential fatty Acid needs. 

Why’s it good: Our bodies need Essential Fatty Acids from our diet because we can not produce Omega-3 or Omega-6, hence the word “Essential” Fatty Acids. These Essential Fatty Acids moisturise your skin from the inside which keeps your skin feeling and looking smooth and hydrated on the outside. They also create an anti-inflammatory protective layer for your skin which helps to prevent congestion on the skin such as breakouts. So basically by taking just 1 tbsp. a day you can help your skin to be beautiful and clear. How amazing is that!! It’s also great for anyone who has irritated skin, sensitive skin (definitely me) and over oiliness or dryness. I’m thinking its pretty much just amazing for everyone. 

Now EFA’s are not only great for the skin they also give us energy, keep our brain functioning at it’s best, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve our digestion, reduce the symptoms of allergies, limit  inflammation in the body, boost our immune system and so much more. Can you see why there important now.


How to use it: I’m currently adding it alongside the bestow beauty powder to my “beauty smoothie” each day, but I have also been drizzling it over salads (which tastes so yummy) and covering my porridge in it on the weekends. It’s up to your though as its so versatile and can really be added to everything.

# Please make sure to store the oil in the fridge once its opened to keep it fresh

Luminositea: Your Morning Glow Tea


You know how much I love my herbals teas, well now I have two more beautiful ones to add to my collection which has made me very happy. When I drink a tea I want to enjoy a beautiful tasting drink, but I also want to get a boost of goodness which might give me a pick me up, stop cravings, or deliver a dose of antioxidants. This is why I’m so excited to share with you these beautiful teas as they tick all my boxes while also looking stunning on my kitchen bench.

The first that I want to show you is my new favourite Morning tea, called Luminositea. Trust me you are going to love this one if you crave a little pick me up in the morning.

What’s in it: It’s a combination of Organic White and Green Herbal Tea which delivers a really light and fresh flavour 

Why it’s good: I’m sure you know that green tea is good for you, but do you know why? Well it’s because it’s packed full of antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals. If we don’t fight off those free radicals that are created everyday that’s when we can get sick and unwell. Definitely not ideal for beautiful skin. Antioxidants are also known to increase hydration in the skin which is not surprising since most beauty foods are rich in antioxidants. This is actually why this tea is called “Luminoitea” because the hydration reflects light which gives you a healthy luminous glow. I think I’m sold!


When to use it:  Because the white and green tea contain caffeine I suggest starting your day with this instead of your normal cup of jo which is very dehydrating (I know if only it was good for you). The small amount of caffeine will give you a little boost and pick me up which will set you up for your day, plus don’t forget you’ll also want to show off that healthy luminous glow hehe.  

Eternitea: Anti-Ageing Tea


This tea is almost to pretty to drink (I said almost) as it’s filled with the beautiful pink shades of hibiscus and it also smells divine!! Talk about a beautifying tea.

What’s in it:  This pretty in pink tea is filled with Organic Hibiscus and Organic Cinnamon.

Why it’s good: I actually learnt a lot from this tea as it turns out Hibiscus is so good for you. These beautiful flowers ensure that this tea has more anti-oxidants than any other tea. These anti-oxidants once again fight off those free-radicals and keep your skin and body super healthy. The cinnamon in the tea offers a great natural blood sugar stabiliser and is also really beneficial for anti-aging as un-balanced blood sugar levels cause your collagen fibres to get all tangled and that does not equal beautiful or young skin.



When to use it:  I’m loving having a cup (or two) in the afternoon at around 3pm when I normally crave something a little bit sweet. It’s the perfect addition to a plate of vegetable sticks and hummus or few berries and coconut yogurt. 

I’m all about adding in lots of the good and letting that naturally cancel out the bad and this Bestow Beauty range is definitely aligned with that message. By just adding in a tsp here or a cup of tea there, you are giving your diet such a huge boost of nutrition and goodness that will help you to be your best, as well as hopefully encourage you to eat less of the bad. Well that’s the plan anyways.

I hope you enjoyed this feature and I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried this range before? Do you add beauty powders to your smoothies each day or even is that something that you would like to do? I’d love to hear from you.

Have a beautiful day lovelies and I will see you later on in the week with my Beauty Smoothie (trust me you don’t want to miss this one its pretty delicious)

R x