My 10 Tips for Travelling Like a Plant Based Boss

Do you struggle to stay healthy while you travel? Do you over eat, drink far to much coffee, stop exercising and basically give up everything that you normally do at home to be your best? Don’t worry we’ve all been there before (myself included). I have come up with my top ten tips for travelling like a plant based boss so you can learn how to enjoy your holiday while still sticking to your goals and feeling your best. 

I love travelling!! It’s something that Matt and I try to schedule in each year. We love going to places we’ve never been before, exploring new cities and trying new foods. Even though travelling is so much fun it can be a bit of a headache if you’re a health nut like me; that added pressure of not knowing where to eat or struggling to find healthy cafes can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to ruin your trip or your healthy lifestyle. You just have to make sure you have a plan, or better yet follow my top ten tips for travelling like a plant based boss.

These tips help me to feel my best while I travel, ensure that I have energy, that I don’t get grumpy, that my skin doesn’t break out and that I don’t end up coming home carrying an extra 2 kg’s (haven’t we all been there before).

So here we go, my top ten tips for travelling like a plant based boss. I hope you enjoy them. 

  1. Be Prepared:


I’m a big advocate for filling your carry on with as many healthy goodies as possible, to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling great. So my handbag generally contains herbal tea sachets (I’m loving matcha green tea and chamomile at the moment), trail mix, bliss balls (homemade or store brought), vegetable sticks, fruit (already sliced and ready to go), miso soup sachets and I will also generally pick up something like a juice or smoothie from the airport to ensure I’m all set to go.


This means I don’t have to eat the aeroplane food (if I don’t want to) and that I can arrive at my destination feeling great, rather than bloated and jet-lagged.  Another little tip that I recommend is to order the vegan option on the plane as it’s always healthier and fresher than the normal meal.

  1. Hydration:


This is so important when travelling. On the day that I fly I drink a huge amount of water and always have my own water bottle on the plane which I continue to fill up.  I also carry my hydration tablets with me as there’s is nothing worse then getting dehydrated and being stuck with a headache on a long flight. This is especially  important when you’re travelling to hot and humid locations. I’ll also try and pick up coconut water to carry with me, as they are packed with electrolyte’s which give me extra energy during the day.

  1. Start your day off right:


Whenever I travel I like to start my day off with a really healthy breakfast. This will normally be a big lemon water (hydration remember) followed by some avocado on toast and fruit or if I’m lucky a big green smoothie. This sets me up for the day and ensures that I have energy to do everything I want. If I miss this, I normally end up lacking in energy or feeling really moody (poor Matt). When I was in America last month I would stop by Whole-foods in the morning and pick up a container of freshly made tofu scramble which I would munch on with a green juice…..delicious!!!.

  1. Healthy Snacks:


Healthy snacks are key whenever you are flying but they are also key when you arrive at your destination. One of my favourite things to do is explore a new city’s supermarkets or wholefood stores and stock up with nut bars, bliss balls and nut butter to have with vegetable sticks.


Delicious!! I will then always bring a couple of snacks with me during the day to keep me energized and this helps if there is nothing healthy to eat close by.

  1. Treat yourself:


Holidays are made for treating yourself, but there are certain treats that not only taste good but that also make you feel fantastic. I try to hunt out a raw café for some chocolate cacao treats, or when I come across a Whole-Foods store in America I will purchase some chocolate bars or vegan desserts that I can store in the apartment for whenever my sweet tooth hits.


If you can find snack size dark chocolate bars they are handy to store in your bag for a healthy treat that will also give you a great energy boost in the afternoon.

  1. Supplement Queen:


I know that no matter how good I am I will still probably not meet my nutrient needs for a day. So, I always travel with Liposome Vitamin C sachets (to keep away any bugs), Good Green Stuff powders to meet my 2 serves of greens each day), Probiotics (to keep my gut healthy) and my Ultimate Immunity Vitamins (especially in Winter). These vitamins keep me on top of my game and ensure that I am meeting all my vitamin and mineral needs, especially whenever I can’t find green smoothies or big colourful salads.

  1. Stick to what you know:


Even though its tempting to let loose and have a taste of everything delicious that’s in sight, try to stay a bit in control, otherwise you might wind up getting sick or feeling crappy for part of your trip…not cool. I try to stay away from things like sweets, gluten, dairy (of course) and too much caffeine and/or alcohol when I travel. I allow myself to have a little bit of the things that I consider treats, but not too much otherwise I always end up paying for it the next day with a bloated stomach or a killer headache.

  1. Become a Green Smoothie Queen:


This is probably number one on my list. Wherever I go, I hunt out green smoothies or juices. This is normally easy in America and Canada but can be quite difficult in places such as Europe. You wont catch me walking past a juice bar without running in and ordering a large green smoothie to drink while we explore the city. This is also a fun way to try new smoothie recipes and get ideas for back home. I’m all about adding avocado into my smoothies at the moment since trying this in Seattle last month. 

  1. Salad it up:

I like to try and have one salad a day when I’m on holiday. Sometime this is a lot harder to stick to but I have been known to order a side salad to go alongside my bowl of pasta or soup just to tick it off. The reason I love my salads is because it ensures you get in your serving of greens, lots of enzymes from the raw vegetables and of course a mixture of vitamins and minerals. It also gives me a big energy boost and makes sure I’m feeling really good and light rather than weighted down and sleepy as I might if I were to have a big burger or sandwich.

  1. Do your research:


I love mapping out a destination and knowing where the smoothie shops are, where the supermarket is and if there are any healthy cafes close by for me to pick up a breakfast or lunch. This takes away that added stress of not knowing where to go when you’re out walking, or eating food that’s maybe not so good for your just because you didn’t know what was close by. I also love taking business cards from places that I loved on my trip so that if I ever come back I know exactly where to go.

That’s it! My top ten tips for travelling like a “Plant-based Boss”. I hope this helps you when your planning your next trip and gives you a little bit of confidence when heading into a new city especially if you have food allergies or restrictions like I do.


I’d love to know some of your tips for healthy travelling so please comment below and let’s have a little chat. I also really quickly want to say thank you to I.E Produce for supplying the goodies for this post. I’m always in there stocking up before a trip so it was great to be able to showcase some of my favourite items from my favourite health shop.

R x