I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September

I’m so excited to share with you guys, this months ‘Latest and Greatest’ post from I.E Produce. There is definitely a theme this month, which I like to refer to as ‘eco friendly kitchen products’ and let me tell you, I have had so much fun testing and shooting all the goodies for this post (#bestjobever!!)

I have loved this month so much because I love natural home ware, but more importantly I love being able to show you all the different products that are out there, since I know a lot of you don’t know where to look or keep up with all that is new.

I also love taking the focus away from food and putting it into other areas of your life. We get so focused and caught up on eating healthy (myself included) that we can forget about everything else. Being your best comes down to so much more than just what we eat and one of these areas is our environment and the products that you use in our daily life.

The six products that Joyce (from I.E Produce) and I have selected for you are all really easy to insert into your lives and they will all in some way make your home and you (of course) healthier. As the weather warms up we’ll be bringing you more and more exciting products that will help you to make that switch into summer, so remember to stay tuned, or sign up to my newsletter (in the side bar) to be amongst the first to read my posts and hear about all my other offers.  

Ok, let’s get into it. Here are my favourite latest and greatest products for the month of September. Enjoy.  

Zuperzozial whole range “New”


I have been patiently waiting to use this incredible range since Joyce first showed me a couple of months ago. It’s such a stunning range filled with beautifully made bowls, mugs, servers and spoons, which are all natural and environmentally friendly.

All their products are made using bamboo and corn, which of course is fantastic for the environment, but it also means that they can go in the dishwasher, which I love as I feel like I am always doing the dishes and this just saves me so much time.



There range is designed to showcase that conscious living can also be joyful and trendy at the same time. This is what makes me head over heals for this range and I love that I now have a collection of kitchen supplies that are functional, stylish and environmental friendly. What more could you want.

My favourite products from the range include their spoons (how adorable are they!!), there colanders (in the baby blue) as well as there small hand juicer (which I use each morning for my lemon water).




You definitely need to go and have a look at this range and pick out a few beautiful pieces for your summer entertainment needs. I know I have.  

Now because their bowls where just to cute not to photograph I decided to sneak in a little recipe for you. These are my Acai bowls and they are the perfect Spring breakfast that is bursting with goodness. Enjoy. 

Acai Bowls: (serve 2)



  • 2 frozen banana’s
  • handful of ice cubes
  • 10 tbsp of almond milk
  • 6 tbsp of Acai Powder ( I used Pure Jungle Acai Freeze Dried Powder from I.E Produce)
  • handful of baby spinach 
  • 2 medjool dates

Blend well and then pour into your bowls. Top with strawberries, banana, bee pollen, Little Bird Granola and any nuts or seeds. 



If You Care :  “NEW” 


I’ve been curious about natural baking cups and paper for a while now, but since being given this range of “If You Care” products I have realised both how important it really is and how easy the switch is.  

“If You Care” is a company that is committed to protecting the environment through the use of natural alternatives to your every day conventional kitchen and household products, such as baking paper, baking cups, sandwich bags, tea fillers, trash bags, paper towels and so much more.

All the materials that are used are chosen because they are good for the environment. They use a range of unbleached paper, recycled materials and wood and paper from sustainable forests. Every step that is taken to make these products is considered and thought about, so you know that when you use one of them you are using something that is the result of a lot of thought and care.



I have been testing out their foil and their baking cups and I’m loving them. Its such an easy switch that makes me wonder why its taken me so long to make it. I hope by reading this it encourages you to make the switche as well. Trust me its so easy and it’s such a nice feeling knowing that you are doing your part and helping companies like “If You Care” become bigger and better.

I’m also super obsessed with their baking sheets as they are pre cut and make my life so much easier – I swear my scissors are never where I left them or when I try to rip it, I always end up wasting a huge amount as it’s never straight! Does anyone else struggle with this?

Natural valve waxed paper bags


Trust me, you need these paper bags in your life!! Firstly, plastic is definitely not cool anymore, never was, and secondly you so know better than to be storing your delicious trail mix in plastic bags or wrapping your sandwiches in plastic.

So here is your new solution and let’s be honest, the best way to make a change and have it stick, is to replace your old habit with a much better new one. These waxed paper bags are soy free, GMO free and are made using paraffin wax.  They are the perfect size for all your different needs and best of all you get 60 bags in one box. Now that’s a lot of trail mix!

Paper towels + toilet paper


Ok so this was slightly hard to photograph, as how do you make paper towels and loo paper look good. But then that’s not the point. You already know that they are both essentials for your home and you’re probably already purchasing the standard ones at your supermarket each week. Am I right?

Well then let me tell you why I made the switch and why you should consider this change as well. For starters both products are 100% biodegradable!! I think that’s pretty amazing and something that definitely makes me happy. They also contain no inks, fragrances or plastic and are actually made out of bamboo and recycled sugarcane (70%), and we all know how cool bamboo is.

Basically you are looking after your self, your environment and the trees just by making this very simple and definitely doable switch. It really is just about making daily switches to help your home and environment to be healthier and this is one of those switches. So get switching!!

Savel Food Savers New”


Am I the only one whose fridge is filled with half eaten avocado’s, slices of lemons and leftover fruit? I feel like every day I’m looking for a new container or holder to store my leftovers,  but ’m always running out or they’re never the right size…definitely a first world problem, but the struggle is real.

Thankfully my problem is now solved. I now just whip out my Savel Food Savers, which come in really cool bright colours and then just adjust them to fit. They adjust to basically accommodate anything that I have, which is half eaten or leftover. I’ve loved this the most with avocado’s, as they always turn brown when left, but now they stay fresh for so much longer.

Definitely a new essential for my kitchen which helps me to minimise waste, while also keeping my fridge really clean and tidy (and pretty). Win, win!

Charles Viancin: Lids + Bottle Stoppers   New”


Ok, so I have had these sitting in my cupboard for a while now, waiting for the perfect season to talk them up and since its spring now and that means picnics and outside meals, it’s the perfect time to show you this exciting new range.

At first I did think, am I really going to use these? But I’ve had a really good amount of time to have a play and what I’ve learnt is that they are really practical. As I said above, I always have leftovers in my fridge (since I hate throwing anything out) and so I’m always looking for containers (which I can never find the lids for) or glad wrap (which I’m always running out of). Now all I have to do is grab one of these lids and place it on top of my bowl or container and it keeps everything inside fresh and clean, while also making my fridge look pretty adorable, especially alongside my savel Food Savers!





They come in so many different sizes and shapes that you’ll always have one to fit. My favourites are definitely the beautiful pink and blue flowers, but honestly they are all so pretty.

I’ve also been testing out their bottle stoppers, which are just so beautiful and fun to look at. You’re probably thinking “these would never work” but they do!! You can hold a drink upside down with one of these in place and no liquid will come out. Great for picnics or for just keeping drinks fresh in the fridge until next time.

No More Weevils


I think Matt was pretty excited when I brought this home a few weeks ago. He’s always telling me to shut the pantry and checking all the bags and containers for weevils. I guess you could call it one of his pet peeves.

Since our pantry is always overflowing with different superfoods, nuts, seeds, grains and basically everything a vegan nutritionist might need, and is definitely not that organised, there is a prime opportunity for weevils to breed (ewww!!!).

I’ve kept this little “No More Weevils” container in our pantry for the last month and I’m happy to say we haven’t seen any weevils (not like we had any before, but still success).


I would definitely recommend this to anyone who finds weevils a menace and so has to takle the task of cleaning up and bining a lot of produce. It’s really simple and easy and all you have to do is open the packet and tip the woodchips into the tin. Then you just leave it open in your pantry, cupboard or draw for up to 3 months and let it work its magic. How simple is that.

And that’s it, all my six exciting new products from I.E Produce this September. I hope you really enjoyed this month and that it got you motivated to do a little spring clean and have a good hard look at what’s working in your kitchen and what’s no longer serving yours or your families health needs.

I hope that I have also shown you that environmentally friendly products can be fun, beautiful, stylish and practical all while making it that much easier to be your very best, since that’s the goal all along.

R x