Inspirational Women and their Mornings: Storm and India

Welcome to ‘Inspirational Women and their Mornings’, a new series where I interview a bunch of amazing women and explore all of the ‘going-on’s’ in their morning routines in the hope of gaining a little insight into what makes them so inspirational.  (+ I also hope thatin the process some of that amazingness will rub off on me!!)

Today were talking to Storm and India, the amazing sister duo behind the incredible range of bespoke organic tea’s. These two lovely ladies spend their days promoting their wonderful range of tea’s (you definitely need to try them, they are divine!!) and inspiring us to be our very best.

So, let’s get inspired ladies. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

S=I’m Storm, one half of Tea Sisters! I finished studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in PR last year and now Indi and I work full time on Tea Sisters. I’m passionate about health and wellness, tea and fashion. 

I= I’m India, the other half of Tea Sisters! After finishing school i completed a certificate in Personal Training and am really interested in wellness, raw cooking, health and of course tea.  


What time do you wake up and what is the first thing you do in the mornings?

S= I wake up between 5.30am- 7am depending on what I have on that day and what time i got to bed that night.  First thing I do is check my phone (maybe not the healthiest thing), and when I get up I make myself a tea and hydrate.  

I= Every morning is different depending on what we have on but lately I’ve been getting up at 6.30am.  I’m not a morning person but love the feeling of having accomplished something at the start of the day. I always have 2 big glasses of water when I wake and check my emails.

Do you exercise in the mornings and if so what type of exercise?

S=When I’m in Auckland I go the the Exersice Room and do two mornings a week with my PT.  most other mornings I either run or walk outside.

I= I have just started doing Yoga in the mornings but prefer to exercise of an afternoon or evening. I work out at the gym at home and do a lot of plyometrics also known as jump training.


What’s your typical breakfast during the week?

S=Eggs on gluten free toast with a side of veggies or fresh fruit. 

I=A green smoothie, raw granola or eggs.  

Do you have a weekend morning routine and if so what do you do, and also what’s your favourite breakfast on the weekends? 

S=Relax and not rush! Brunch out with friends or family or cooking a delicious meal at home.

I=I love going out for breakfast or brunch on the weekend if we are not working.  Some of my favourites are Little Bird Organics, Odettes Eatery, Dear Jervois or Major Sprout. I also love to sleep in and make my family a delicious breakfast such as paleo pancakes.

Is there anything special you have to do each morning in order to feel centred and ready for the day? 

S=Lemon water and the calming ritual of brewing and enjoying a cup of tea. I also find writing a list helps prepare for the day.  

I= Having a nice long shower, reading positive affirmations,  making a cup of tea and chatting with my mum and sister about what must be achieved for the day.


What’s your morning vice: coffee/ a sleep in / avocado toast / last night’s leftovers??

S=Time in nature and outdoors

I= I love taking care of my skin. I don’t feel like I can start the day unless I cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Describe your perfect morning?    

S=Starting the day with exercise, either the gym or a walk on the beach or in the forest.  This followed by nourishing food with friends or family.  

I=I have recently started doing early morning yoga which starts my day in a relaxed and balanced way.  A green juice or smoothie and a healthy breakfast tops this off for the best start to the day.  

What are your top 3 tips for feeling and looking your best? 

S= Always see the positives in every situation, be grateful and listen to your heart.  

I=Be kind to yourself and others, fill your body with nutrients and focus on how you feel not so much look. Happy people are beautiful people!

Please share with us your favourite breakfast recipe (or tea recipe) that always makes you feel amazing and ready for the day. 

S= Our Morning Detox tea always starts the day in a healthy and refreshing way.  We love making out own Chia Seed Puddings (with Indi’s home-made almond milk, topped with fresh seasonal fruit

I= I love Chia Seed puddings or Little Bird Raw Granola with my home-made almond milk.  

Indi’s Almond Milk recipe 

Method :

  • Soak 1/2 of almond in water for 6-8 hours 
  • Rinse almonds 

 Recipe :

  • Blend 1/2 of activated almonds, 4 cups of filtered water, 1/2 a Vanilla bean, 3 cardamon pods, a pinch of nutmeg, salt &  cinnamon. 
  • Blend on high in a blender/thermomix etc for 2 minutes. 

Where can we find/follow you?

S= Our instagram is @stormandindia, Twitter @stormandindia and Facebook “Storm & India Tea Sisters


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