New Product Love: J Bronze Tanners

Good morning lovelies, how are we today?

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty wintery and not at all ready to bare my legs in shorts and singlet. But as the weather warms up and the hem-line shortens we have to be brave and take that very scary first step out the front door with our legs exposed.

 Since it’s awesome being a women and having multiple options on offer to help ease this transition, I decided to share one of my secrets. This is the range of bronzers that I use to gradually build up my tan during Winter.  When Summer comes around I’m all ready to step out with confidence in a summer dress and not feel like my legs are a scary pasty white … me I’ve been there and it’s not fun.



I’ve definitely tried my fair share of tanners in the past and have had so many horrible experiences with orange streaks, going way to dark and then getting that awful half tanned/ half faded leg when it starts to wear off. Because of this, I’m really careful with what I use and always make sure to test every new product out thoroughly before recommending it to anyone else.  With J Bronze I knew I was onto a winner from the start.

This is because their beautiful range is rich in coconut oil (you know how obsessed I am), shea butter, argan oil (which is so great for the skin), vitamin E, A and C, cranberry extracts, rosehip oil, and so many other goodies that I just knew my skin would love it. I also only choose products that are not tested on animals (very important!!) and that are vegan. You would be shocked at some of the ingredients that get added to your beauty products so please always have a read on the back or better still look at the brand online to make sure you know everything about it before adding it to your beauty routine.  



Now lucky for us there are a few different products in this beautiful range which means that you can choose the exact one for your needs and also get that perfect golden hue.  I have a few from their collection, because as a model I need to be able to look tanned and have flawless skin all year round.

They have a great range of tanning mousses, creams and sprays which give your skin a beautiful dewy bronzed glow, an instant cream which can be washed off (I love this for modelling), a gradual tanning cream (I use this a couple of times a week leading up to summer), a face flawless tanner and their instant shimmer cream which I’ve been adding to my foundation for an all over golden hue that I’m slightly obsessed with…but shhhhh don’t tell.


I know a lot of you struggle with natural beauty products and not know which ones to trust or use, so I hope this has been helpful and has given you a new product to look into before summer arrives. For more of my favourite natural beauty products, take a read of my beauty routine.  Otherwise comment below if you have any questions as I’d be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

R x