New Product Love: ‘GreenRoots Organics’ Juices

Good morning beauties, you remember how last year I posted a monthly featured “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest”, well I’m excited to say that we’re continuing it on this year!! The first official post will be going live at the start of February, but because I just couldn’t wait, I thought I would do a little one off piece just to ease you into it.

So let me tell you about my latest find and new favourite cold-pressed juice…the incredible GreenRoots Organics!!!

‘GreenRoots Organics’ Juices

I am beyond excited to be sharing this NEW range of cold-pressed organic juices with you. It has definitely been a fun week in my kitchen testing all the flavors and I’m already feeling so much healthier after filling my diet with such concentrated goodness. Plus, Matt’s been very happy getting sent off to work with a new flavor and I love knowing that he’s getting such a big dose of vitamins and minerals in his diet every day.

I’m sure you’ve tried freshly squeezed juice before and you probably really like the taste, but is it part of your weekly diet? I’m assuming that’s a no for most of you. I mean even I run out of time in my week to stand in the kitchen and start juicing. And don’t even get me started on the clean up. I swear juicers are the most complicated contraptions with a million little areas for food to get trapped (Haha). But thankfully the stress is over. Now, all you have to do is pop over to I.E Produce and you can stock up on their new range of cold-pressed juices by Green Roots. I mean how easy is that.

But why juice? We all know everyone’s into smoothies at the moment (which includes me), but have you ever considered getting your daily vitamins and minerals from a juice? The reason I ask is because drinking a cold-pressed juice is like giving your bloodstream an instant dose of vitamins and minerals. This is because juice has had the fiber removed in the process, so the body can break it down a lot easier and more quickly, so you get a pretty much an instant boost. How great is that!!

But not all juices are considered equal. No there are juices and there are cold-pressed organic juices, such as Green Roots. Normal juice (that’s not cold-pressed) has been extracted through a juicer which spits out the liquid super fast and which can also uses heat to juice. A cold-pressed juicer on the other hand slowly pushes the fruit and vegetables through a juicer without heat, which keeps all the nutrients in tact and leaves you with a more nutritious juice, that will also stay fresher for longer.

Now the GreenRoots Organics juices are not just cold-pressed, they are also completely organic which means that you don’t have to worry about any lurking pesticides or chemicals, which could almost cancel out all the goodness that the fruits and veges are offering up. Now can you see why I’m so excited to share with you guys this amazing new range!!!

The Five Flavors:

  • Awaken ‘the perfect morning booster’ – orange, tangelo, apple, lemon
  • Refresh ‘your everyday green juice’– kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, lemon
  • Berry-Ade ‘an antioxidant booster’ – raspberry, apple, lemon, beetroot
  • Tonic ‘your vitamin C tonic’– carrot, tangelo, turmeric, apple, ginger
  • Detox ‘the perfect way to cleanse’– beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger

My favorites would have to be the Refresh, as I can never get enough greens and then the Berry-Ade since it’s got such a yummy kick to it. Plus, I love knowing that I’m sneaking beetroot (which is a fantastic blood cleanser) into my weekly diet. So why not go pick up a few and give them a go. They are definitely far superior than your normal morning orange juice and they will give you a boost like a good cup of coffee, but without the energy dips and adrenal stress.

Have a great afternoon lovelies and I will catch up with you shortly with my February I.E Produce post and two delicious new Superfood smoothies that are incredible and full of goddess …. a must have for those warm summer days.

R x