I.E Produce “Latest and Greatest” in Feburary

Wahoo, welcome to my first Latest and Greatest post for the year!! Now in case you’ve missed it, I did pop up a little sneaky Latest and Greatest post last week with these fabulous NEW cold-pressed juices (since I just couldn’t wait), but that was just a little snippet of what’s to come. I hope it got you excited for all the new goodies that will come your way over the year. Trust me, we already have a bunch of great products to show you that I just know you’re going to love!! But enough of that, let’s get into this months Latest and Greatest post.

So it’s summer and that means hot days, a little more drinkies and nibbles than normal, a far busier social calendar and fewer green smoothies and healthy salads……am I right? Don’t worry lovelies, I totally understand (I’m in the same boat) but luckily there are a few things that we can do to help you to stay healthy and feeling fabulous, and that’s exactly what todays post is all about. Plus, we also have some new eco goodies that I just know you’re going to love and that are hopefully going to make going back to work just a little more exciting and tolerable.

So let’s get into it….

Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Powders

You know me, anything that comes in a powder and can be added to smoothies, gets my attention + I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and little containers that are just too adorable!! Now I know what you’re thinking…”Oh great, another powder that I’ll use once and then forget about”…..but trust me these powders are so much better than that.

But why’s that you ask? Well its simple, these Raw prebiotic powders feed your gut lots and lots of healthy bacteria (like the name suggests), but they also contain a lot of superfoods and nutrients that will take your morning smoothie to the next level. I’m talking beetroot powder, wheatgrass, cinnamon and cacao powder, fermented brown rice, organic parsley, sprouts and so much more. Of course all these goodies aren’t all thrown into one powder (let’s be honest that would be gross), but each of them has a huge range of different goodies that help you to be your best, depending on your needs, from women’s health, to a green boost to a gut healing power. 

The Flavours:

  • Pre-Prebiotic “Vanilla and Berry”- This super boosted powder is extra special since it combines not only the pre biotics that are so good for our gut, but also the probiotics, making this a super little powder. I love adding 2 tsp to an afternoon berry smoothie as an easy way to fill my diet with healthy bacteria. Perfect for reducing bloating or any other digestive discomforts that you might be having.
  • Prebiotic Greens “Mint and Vanilla Flavour” – I don’t know about you but anything that says ‘greens’ wins me over pretty much right away (haha). I think it’s the Nutritionist in me, always looking for more ways to fit these super foods into my diet. And that’s exactly what this incredible powder does. It’s basically a combination of a bunch of all your fav greens from spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass, broccoli, spinach plus so many other goodies that you just know you’re going to shine. This super powder has become one of my daily favourites as a way to sneak in even more greens into my green smoothie or as a little post-workout snack with some blueberries and coconut water. Start with ½- 1 tsp a day and see how you go. It is strong but that’s only because it’s so good for you.

  • Prebiotic Women’s Multi “berry flavour” – Ok, I have to say this one’s my favourite!! It’s so fresh and clean and it turns your smoothies a beautiful pink colour, which just makes me happy. I’ll be sharing a simple super boosted berry smoothie with you guys next week, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.
  • Prebiotic vitamin C “orange flavour” – I love the idea of being able to add in a heaped teaspoon of vitamin C and prebiotics into my smoothie when ever I’m feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed. It’s like another line of defence that will help to keep me healthy and well and feeling my best.
  • Prebiotic men’s multi- If your man’s anything like mine then it’s a right battle getting him to take a daily prebiotic, but guess what, by just adding 1 tbsp of this prebiotic powder into his smoothie he gets all the gut health goodies without having to remember to take anything else. Matt’s been really enjoying adding it to his and says that it blends really well with whatever his smoothie or protein shake flavour is. A definitely must for the men in your life.

So which ones is right for you? As I said I love the Women’s Multi and Green Prebiotic Powder but honestly they are actually all really delicious, and instead of altering your smoothie taste in a really bad way (like so many powders do) these ones transform it and take it to the next level. Don’t believe me, well why not pick one up and give it a go. I’ll be sharing two delicious recipes with you next week, so you might want to try whipping them up and seeing for yourself how irresistible these Raw powders really are.

Klean Kanteen

I’m sure you’ve heard of Klean Kanteen before, but if you haven’t they are a range of AMAZING eco drink bottles that are stain-less steal, BPA- free and of course reusable. So say good by to your pump water bottle and get on board the eco train with this very stylish drink bottle.

They come in a range of colours and sizes and some of them are insulated, which means you can pour in your hot cup of tea on your way to work and it will stay hot for hours!! Like seriously HOURS!!! I took a thermas full of green tea to a shoot one day and I had to keep the lid off for at least an hour before it cooled down enough to drink. I’ve been using my Klean Kanteen drinks bottles to transport not only my water, but also my endless cups of tea, chia lattes and the odd cup of filtered coffee….for when life just gets little too hard (haha).

A definite must have summer essential to help keep you cool during the day while you’re being active. Remember we need to be aiming to drink at least 2 litres of water  a day, and I bet a lot of you aren’t even getting close to this. So why not make it easier on yourself and start carrying a water bottle around with you. It really is the best way to remember to stay hydrated and I know I’d be lost without mine.

If you’re not so mad on the taste of water, why not try filling your new klean kanteen bottle with some fresh mint leaves, slices of lemon, ginger, turmeric, berries and other goodies to naturally flavour your water. I even love brewing a cup of green tea and then pouring it into my bottle with lots of berries and mint for a delicious new take on a green tea. Perfection!!

Lunch Box INC

Raise your hand if you currently take your lunch to work in a Tupperwear container? Now raise your hand again if that container is plastic? Yeah I though that was the case.

If you didn’t realise,  it’s time to throw out all your plastic containers and replace them with a better alternative, like glass or these exciting new lunch boxes. The reason being that when you store your food in plastic it will gradually leach chemicals into your food (which is not ideal) and can lead to a host of health problems down the road.

So say good bye to plastic and start embracing the eco lunches which will transport your lunch in style, while keeping you healthy and chemical free.

I don’t need a lunch box most days as I work from home, but on the days that I’m at a shoot, I like to bring my own food (since let’s be honest I’m quite picky). I always seem to have a million glass jars and bottles, filled with vegetable sticks, trail mix, bliss balls, salads and smoothies … so I can look a little crazy showing up with all my goodies, but now I just need to pull out my blue INC lunch box and I’m all set.

You can even adjust the size of the individual compartments depending on the size of the food portions you’re transporting, which is really great, especially if your taking a big salad to work, or a wrap. I also know that I can throw the lid in the dishwasher, give the compartments a wipe down and then my work is done. Super easy and eco friendly to use.

Oh and if you don’t take lunch to work, you definitely need to get with the program. You’ll save money, you’ll most probably eat a lot healthier and you’ll also become in control of your food. Don’t get me started on some of the rubbish that is added to food just to give it a longer shelf life.

And there you have it, this month “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest” goodies are all done. I hope you’re feeling excited at the thought of adding in these delicious raw powders, drinking from the beautifully eco Klean Kantee bottles and packing yourself an epic plant-based lunch in your new, vibrant lunch box from ‘Lunch Box INC’. Don’t forget I’ll also be posting two delicious new superfood smoothie next week featuring these RAW probiotic powders, so make sure to check them out, or sign up to my newsletter in the side bar to never miss a post

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That’s it lovelies, have a great day and I will see you soon.

R x