Learn How to be a Healthy, Vibrant, Plant-Based Babe: Vegan 101 Workshop

Good morning lovelies,

I hope you’re all having a great February so far and soaking up all this beautiful weather…Well it was beautiful a few days ago. Let’s hope the sunshine comes back this weekend.

Now since we’re about to head into March I thought it was time to fill you in on my latest Wellness Workshop which I’m so excited to share with you!! 

It is a workshop all about being the most amazing plant-based babe and learning all the tips and tricks to being your best when following a Vegan, plant-based diet. How exciting is that!!

The reason I decided to choose this as my first workshop for the year is because so many of my clients are newbie vegans that are still learning what to eat and how to nourish their bodies on a vegan diet. I’ve been there and its hard, there is just so much to learn. You don’t know how often you should be eating, if you should be adding protein to each meal, what kinds of foods are rich in protein and you’re also worried about staying healthy and getting everything you need. Does that sound about right?

“I highly recommend attending Renee Brown’s Wellness Talks. I attended the ‘Plant Based Eating on a Budget’ talk last night and came away with pages of cooking and shopping ideas and yummy recipes and had a lovely night connecting with like-minded ladies. Renee is super lovely, super informed and has so many tips and tricks up her sleeve you’ll come away feeling inspired and armed with lots of new information about how to begin healthy new eating habits. Thanks Renee! And thank you for the tea and goody bag treats!” – Anna Hewitt

But the good news is this…you can be healthy and be vegan. Better yet you can feel amazing, have so much energy and be your best when you go vegan, but first you need to know how to do it correctly. This isn’t some diet that you do half hearted and expect to thrive… no way! Unfortunately, it does take a little bit of prep work and knowledge, but don’t worry that’s what I’m here for and that’s exactly why I designed this new workshop.

So are you….

  • A newbie vegan?
  • Are you worried about meeting all of your nutrient demands?
  • Are you tried all the time and have low iron on your plant-based diet?
  • Are you curious about going vegan but don’t know where to start?
  • Or have you even been vegan for a little while now but you just don’t think you’re doing it properly and you need to get back to the basics and start building up your diet once again?

“Renee made the entire night such a fun and relaxing experience from the minute I walked in. Her passion for what she does and helping others was clear immediately and made me really excited to learn and try all the amazing suggestions she made. I learned so much, felt inspired and like I have tips I can really use in everyday life. Renee made healthy eating simple, enjoyable and fun and is a truly beautiful person on the inside and out. Thank you for an amazing evening!” –Jennifer Lambly

If you said yes to any of the above points, then this is the workshop for it. You’re going to learn so much…. from the supplements you need to take, how to create the perfect plant-based plate and even all the kitchen and pantry essentials you need for a vegan diet. Trust me, if you’re vegan then you need to come to this workshop!!

What we’ll be covering:

  • The supplements you need to be taking + my favourite brands
  • Deficiencies you need to be aware of and how to know if you have any
  • The essential foods that you need to be eating each day on a vegan diet
  • How to correctly soak your food for optimal absorption
  • Why a healthy gut is so important on a plant-based diet and how to make sure yours is working properly
  • How to be organised and little tips and tricks to prep your food ahead of time
  • My favourite essential plant-based meals (that I cook each week)
  • A list of kitchen and pantry essentials that all vegans need to know
  • The no-go vegan list (a.k.a the foods that you need to stay away from even though they are technically vegan)
  • And any other questions or concerns that you might have regarding a vegan diet.

“The journey to becoming a healthier person is hard, and there is so much to learn but thank goodness for Renee who is making it so much easier. Full of knowledge, sharing it in a way which is easy to understand and exciting. Cant wait to attend more of her talks in the future. Thank you so much Renee for helping me change my life” – Laura McGonigal

 Dates + Extra Info:

  • The workshop is being held on Tuesday the 7th of March at 6.30pm – 8pm at my home in Takapuna.
  • 5-6 Women per Talk (if I get enough interest I will open a second talk the following week so please let me know if this date doesn’t work)
  • $105 per person (if you’ve been to one of my talks before then you get a 10% off discount, as well as if you bring a friend along)

“Renee creates a space where you feel completely at ease from the second you sit down and consistently paused between topics to ask if we had any questions or needed clarification on anything. It was also really useful to be able to pop into her kitchen where she could show us some tricks in action and leave with a huge goodie bag to help us get started with our new & improved daily routines” Christie Mava

What you get:

  • A handout full of notes on all the topics discussed + extra information that will help you to be a vibrant, healthy Vegan
  • A goodie bag full of some of my favourite plant-based essentials (worth over $50)
  • A bunch of delicious plant-based recipes that I love and make all the time
  • A 2-week Vegan meal plan that you can follow or use as a guide
  • ++ you get to meet like minded women and spend an evening talking about how to be your best Vegan all while sipping on cups of fruity herbal tea, Kombucha and snacking on bliss balls….perfection!!

Book In Now

So what are you waiting for? The spots normally fill up within a few days so if you would like to come along to my Vegan 101 talk and learn how to be your best, look your best and feel your best on a plant-based diet, then reserve your spot now.

All you have to do is email me at hi@reneebrown.co.nz I will immediately get back to you with a confirmation of your spot. Payment will need to be made in full in order to confirm your spot so an invoice will be sent to you right away.

There are only 5-6 spots in this talk so don’t wait to long. It’s going to be such a fun evening and trust me you’re going to come out of it feeling more confident and knowledgeable in your plant-based Vegan diet, with all the tools you need to be your best.

I can’t wait to hear from you,

R x