When life gives you lemons – make Lemon Meringue Bliss Balls!

Happy Friday lovely ladies, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and are getting ready for a relaxing weekend with hopefully a whole lot of sunshine and good times!

I have a new recipe to share with you this morning and trust me you’re going to want to make these right away!! That’s because these delicious lemon meringue bliss balls can be ready in under 5 minutes (WHAT!!!). They’re the perfect snack, healthy breakfast with a green smoothies or even an after dinner sweet treat that’s totally guilt free + their also insanely nourishing and moorish. I mean really what more could you want?

What I’m talking about are my lemon meringue bliss balls…..and yes you heard me correctly, ‘lemon – meringue – bliss – balls’ a.k.a your new obsession. I developed these a few weeks ago for my 2nd cooking workshop which focused on healthy work snacks on the go and after trialling them with my clients, I just knew I had to share them on the blog. I mean really what kind of person would I be if I deprived you of such deliciousness!!

Now I know I’ve shared my recipes for other bliss balls in the past, such as the equally delicious chocolate caramel bliss balls, but I have to say the zestiness of the lemon just does it for me + anything with coconut is always going to win my heart.

What’s Lucuma?

Ohh and I almost forgot I sneaked in a pretty amazing super food, which you might not be familiar with, called lacuma powder. Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit that helps to balance your blood sugar levels, control cravings, offer a sweet boost to your food and also fill your diet with a bunch of vitamins and minerals. I love adding it every which way I can, which at the moment means into my bliss balls, added to my smoothies and stirred into my matcha lattes.

So what are you waiting for…..you could be sitting down with a cup of tea and a delicious lemony bliss ball in five minutes so get on it. If you do manage to whip them up, I’d love to hear from you and see how they turn out so please let me know by tagging @reneesextonwellness so I can take a look.  

Thanks lovelies, have a beautiful day and I will catch you later on this week with more plant-based goodness.

R x

Lemon Meringue Bliss Balls

Makes 12-15 bliss balls (depending on size of ball)


  • 1 cup of raw cashews
  • 1 ½ cups of desiccated or shredded coconut + extra for coating
  • 3 tbsp of maple syrup or honey
  • zest + juice of one lemon
  • 6 medium-small dried apricots (I used the Chantal organics ones)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp of lucuma powder (optional)


Place all the ingredients for the bliss balls into your food processor and blitz for 60 seconds or until the cashews have broken down and everything has combined.

Scoop out 1 tbsp of mixture and roll in your hands to make a ball. I like to make mine small-medium in size, but that’s up to you. Once it’s rolled into a ball, place it to one side while you do the rest.

Once you’d rolled them all, place them one at a time in a bowl or desiccated coconut and coat them all over. Once they are all done place in the fridge in an airtight container.

They will last for 2 weeks in the fridge or freezer.

++ Encase you missed it I still have a few spots open in next months ‘Vegan 101’ Wellness talk which is going to be so much fun!!! All the info is here, but if you have any questions please let me know by contacting me at hi@reneebrown.co.nz.