My Healthy Gut Guide: Your April Wellness Talk

ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT…BOOK IN NOW!! Can you believe it…. it’s April!! I don’t know about you, but I’m not liking how fast this year is going. I know, I know, everyone says that, but it really does seem like its speeding past. I can already see and feel the change in the weather and in no time we’re going to be curled up with cups of teas, eating porridge and remembering the time we had a tan and munched on salads (haha).

With the start of the new month comes a whole new wellness talk I’ve called…….‘My Healthy Gut Guide’!! This latest Wellness talk is going to be all about helping you to get rid of any awful digestive complaints such as bloating, gas, IBS and reflux as well as helping you to re-build and restore your gut health, so you can feel your best!!

There were a few reason why I choose to dedicate my April talk to “gut health”, but the main reason was because a lot of my new clients want help with digestion. They’re sick of feeling bloated for a lot of the day and/or looking four months pregnant after lunch. They’re embarrassed that they often need to run to the bathroom and have irregular bowel motions and they just want to be in better control of their gut health. Does this ring a bell?

Well then good!! This is the workshop for you!!

In My Healthy Gut Guide Wellness talk I’m going to be breaking down all the reasons why you might be experiencing any of these frustrating digestive complaints, as well as going into the five key steps to healing your gut. You’re going to be able to ask questions, share, listen and get everything you need in order to feel confident and ready to tackle any digestive issues you might have.

“Renee is not only a wealth of knowledge but during any workshop or session with her you instantly feel welcome and comfortable. She is a ray of positive energy and is open to any and all questions. I attended her Vegan 101 workshop and was blown away with the entire evening. I learnt so much during the workshop and left with a wonderfully organized and informative handout, recipes and an over flowing goodie bag. I highly recommend Renee x – Claire Foster

 Now if you’re reading this and thinking “well sometimes I might ­­­­get a little bloated and/or constipated, but other than this I think my gut health is pretty good……so is this talk going to benefit me”? The answer is yes!!

For starters we’re heading into Winter which means that we need to have a really strong immune system to keep us feeling our best and fighting off those winter colds, and 70% of your immune cells live in our guts. So a healthy gut equals a healthy immune system, but an unhealthy, bloated and slightly irritable gut, does not equal a healthy strong immune system.  Make sense?

“I have so much more energy and I am happier and feel lighter in general. I also no longer suffer from acid reflux, which I have had problems with for years but before all the changes I made with Renee’s guidance it was awful and affecting me everyday. – EB

The other reason is that your gut is your centre, and so if you’re not looking after it everyday with healthy foods, supplements and probiotics, or you’re eating a diet that’s slightly inflammatory, then you’re definitely heading towards having future gut problems. So by coming along to my talk you’ll gain specific knowledge and hopefully be empowered to look after your gut. You will learn how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you and how to know what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. You’ll also come away from it with lots of information on how to heal your gut, if it starts to get weakened, as well a bunch of tips and tricks to help you to ensure your gut stays healthy and strong, all the time.

My Healthy Gut Guide Wellness talk is perfect for you if:

  • Your sick of feeling bloated a lot of the time
  • You get diarrhoea or constipation often, or if you alternate between them (IBS)
  • You get reflex or indigestion
  • If you want to know how to easily test for food intolerances without a bunch of fancy and expensive tests.
  • You want to learn how to heal your gut and how to keep it strong and healthy
  • Your unsure what supplements, probiotics and digestive enzymes to take and want a little bit of guidance
  • You want to build up your immune system for winter
  • Your sick of having eczema and acne and you want to know if there is anything you can do to help to get rid of it and reduce the symptoms through gut health.
  • You want to feel your best
  • You want to have a really fun evening with a bunch of likeminded women, while learn a whole lot about gut health and supporting and nourishing your centre.

The truth is we all could do with a little gut support, since most diets include some if not a lot of processed foods, gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and dairy (which are all hugely inflammatory) and we’re often not making enough room for clean, nourishing, anti-inflammatory foods.

So instead of sitting there and getting frustrated or anxious about your gut or your immune system, why not make the decision to do something about it. All these symptoms are signs that’s something not right and until you decide to make a change, nothing is likely to change.

So come on and join me next month and lets finally sort out your gut problems for good!! 

I used to always feel sore, heavy, bloated or uncomfortable and could never fix it with any other diet change, supplements or medication. I now feel lighter, I’m not bloated and I lost 4kg just from removing meat from my diet and following Renee’s 3 -month program -Olivia Woodham


What we’ll cover:

  • How to know if you have a weakened gut
  • The five steps you need to follow to finally heal your gut and get it back to normal again
  • How to banish the bloat!
  • Why you get constipated.
  • How to balance your gut flora and get it healthy and strong again!
  • The worst and the best foods for a healthy gut
  • Leaky gut syndrome: What it means and how to fix it
  • How to recognise food intolerances in your body and my simple elimination diet to help you to identify what foods are no longer working for you and how to remove them from your diet (sometimes only temporarily)
  • The gut- brain connection and how what your eating is affecting your moods and emotions + how stress can wreck havoc on your gut health and digestion.
  • The gut- skin connection and how what your eating is actually showing up on your skin (think acne, eczema and dryness)
  • The top foods to add to your diet to reduce inflammation and heal your gut
  • How to improve digestion with these simple tips and tricks (think food combining and eating habits)
  • Key supplements for gut health
  • ++ You’ll also learn how to identify all the possible root causes of your indigestion, reflux, bloating, IBS and stomach cramps so that you can finally get to the bottom of it and start healing your gut correctly.

“I highly recommend attending Renee Brown’s Wellness Talks. I attended the ‘Plant Based Eating on a Budget’ talk last night and came away with pages of cooking and shopping ideas and yummy recipes and had a lovely night connecting with like-minded ladies. Renee is super lovely, super informed and has so many tips and tricks up her sleeve you’ll come away feeling inspired and armed with lots of new information about how to begin healthy new eating habits. Thanks Renee!– Anna Hewitt


Dates + Details:

  • Workshop 1: Wednesday the 19th of April at 6.30-8pm (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday the 26th of April at 6.30-8pm (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Both workshops are being held at my home in Takapuna
  • Cost: $105 for the talk + goodie bag and all your notes + if you have been to one of my talks before then the price gets reduced by 15%.

What you’ll get:

  • A set of notes detailing everything we talked about in the workshop
  • A bunch of recipes that are all gut friendly and will help you to super boost your diet and fill it with lots of anti-inflammatory foods.
  • An epic goodie bag worth over $50 with all my favourite gut friendly foods
  • A step by step guide to help you to identify any food intolerances and a program to help you to repair and heal your gut.
  • ++ you’ll also get a really fun evening where we’ll sit around with a bunch of women and talk about healing your gut through your diet, all while sipping on Kombucha and eating delicious bliss balls.

So are you sick and tired of having an irritable or bloated stomach?…..Are your energy levels flagging, or is your skin all over the place? ………..Well then you need to come along to My Healthy Gut Guide wellness talk in April where you’ll learn the secret to healing your gut and feeling your best. Because let me tell you when your guts not working properly your whole body is not working properly. So let’s start at the root of the problem and get you back to feeling and look your best.

How do I book my spot?

All I need you to do is email me at and I will get back to you right away with more information. You’ll then be sent an invoice which will need to be paid in full in order for your place to be held.

So what are you waiting for lovelies, now is the perfect time to heal that gut and get rid of all those awful gut problems. Like I said Winters right around the corner, so let’s start healing your gut now and getting your feeling amazing and full of energy in no time.

I can’t wait to hear from you and book you in for my exciting new wellness talk. If you have any questions, please let me know otherwise I can’t wait to see you all at my talk next month and have another jam packed, fun evening with all you lovelies.


Renee xx