She Universe Chocolate Easter Treats

Happy Easter week, lovely ladies!!! I’m sure you’re all looking forward to a great long weekend and let’s just cross our fingers and toes that the cyclone, which is meant to hit us bang on Easter, zooms right on past.

Easter has to be the perfect time for me to share my favourite range of homemade chocolates. The incredible She Universe Chocolate collection, for sure they’re always on my Easter wish list!!

I was lucky enough to be sent a goodie box filled with some of the She Universe Easter chocolates to trial just last  week. Super exciting being sent a box filled with chocolates. However, this was short lived as I soon realised I was going to have to photograph all these delicious chocolates before I could eat any of them. Tortuous for sure.  On the plus side, I did managed to whip through the photography in ridiculous short order (what a shocker) and was then able to take on the very difficult task of sampling each and every one ….. what a tough job!!

Well I’m now all chocolate-d out and so will definitely be having a chocolate free Easter this time around – haha.

If  you haven’t heard about She Universe Chocolates then you are in for a treat (literally). They are the most amazing, delicious, mouth watering, indulgent, chocolates that I have ever tried, which is exactly why I have to share them with you in time for Easter.

Now I now that I definitely have a sweet tooth, well actually let me rephrase that, I have a chocolate tooth. Give me a block of chocolate any day over a bag of sweets, but it can’t be just any old block of chocolate. No it needs to be the best!! I want something that’s creamy, that’s dark, that uses only the best ingredients and that is also dairy free…and that’s exactly why I love the She Universe Range so much.

Just so you know, not all of their chocolates are dairy free, but they have such a massive range that if you’re Vegan or diary free like me, you’ll definitely find a lot to choose from. 

So why pick these delicious She Universe Chocolates as your Easter treats this Weekend?

Their chocolates are everything you would want in a treat. They’re visually stunning, they taste and smell incredible, they uses the best ingredients….and they have been made with love and care.

I also love their mission statement, which is to bring love to each person who bites into their chocolate. They say that if you get a little pleasure and/or joy out of having a bite, then “their work is complete”. How cool is that!!

Real chocolate is a whole sensory experience. It should be beautiful to the eye, fragrant to the nose, crisp to the ear, luscious to the touch and magic in the mouth! And once in the mouth the journey should continue bringing the perfect chocolate moment!” – She Universe Chocolates


My favourite Easter treats that you seriously should try:

  • A box of their Petite Eggs: Seriously these little chocolate eggs are heaven in the mouth, and are so moorish that I had to go out and buy some more, mainly as Matt loved them so much he ate them all (haha)
  • Artistry Droplets: Perfect if you love a little touch of alcohol with your chocolates…Umm yum!
  • Easter Bunny Poo: I know, …this sounds silly but they’re just little chocolate chai raisins that taste super yummy and that would be perfect for kids.
  • Egg Duet: A crunchy hazelnut praline egg that is the perfect little indulgence for Easter.
  • Mini Bunny Pack: This was definitely one of my favourites, these little bunnies are so adorable and the chocolate is mouth wateringly delicious.

She Universe also have a range of bigger Easter eggs and bunnies, but I really like the idea of picking up a few smaller chocolate treats and so getting to try a range of them. But that’s just me.

So there you have it lovelies, a beautiful range of Easter chocolates that I just know you’re going to love. You can pick up any of these goodies from I.E Produce in Takapuna, but don’t wait too long as they definitely won’t last long on the shelves.

Have a beautiful Easter everyone and take care. I will catch you all next week on the blog with some new delicious recipes.

Happy Easter xx