Super Boost your Immune System this May with my “Winter Wellness Talk” (early bird special available)

As I said in my May newsletter, aren’t the mornings getting so much colder? Makes it really hard to get my butt out of bed as the sun comes up (please tell me I’m not the only one?). I’m noticing quite a few people are coming down with a pre winter bug. This seems to be hitting a few of us a little earlier this year.

So I thought, why not kick Winter off earlier this year with a talk that will hopefully help you to super boost your immune system and learn tips and tricks that you need to know to stay healthy this Winter.

“Renee’s Gut health talk was so informative and interesting! She opened up a whole area of nutrition that I didn’t really know existed. The class was really relaxed in her beautiful home and it really does feel like a group chat, rather than a seminar or more serious workshop, all the while being just as informative and motivational. Thank you Renee for always inspiring us and sharing your knowledge” – Alisha Ward

What I’ve done is developed a NEW Winter Wellness Talk (that I’m really happy with) and which is going to be held on two evenings in the month of May. These evenings will be jam packed with everything you need to know to super boost your diet, to teach you how to fight off those winter colds as well as how to stay balanced, to nourish your body and to adapt to the change in season.

What we will be going over:

  • How to fill your diet with the right foods: this is so you will boost and support your immune system with wholefoods, superfoods, plants, nourishing teas and lots and lots of nutrient rich foods.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods: I will also be teaching you about the top anti-inflammatory foods that you should now be adding to your diets right now to help ward off those winter colds.
  • Winter Wellness Supplements: I’m going to be telling you about the key supplements you need to be taking during winter to keep your immune system healthy and at it’s best + what you should take if you do happen to come down with a cold and also how to keep it as short as possible.
  • Winter Weight Gain: It’s common to put on a few extra kg’s over winter, especially when partaking of all those delicious warming winter foods. Fear not though, as there is a way to stay lean and even to loose weight during winter …..but be warned, you need to continue to push and challenge your body and that’s where I can help you.
  • Healthy, glowing winter skin. I’m going to be taking you through my Winter beauty routine and go over all my favourite winter beauty products that help to keep my skin hydrated and looking its best.
  • Tonics: We’ll be talking about the best winter juices, smoothies, elixir’s and tonics that you could be whipping up each week to look and feel your best. (new recipes!!)
  • Superfoods for winter: As you know I’m obsessed with superfoods and so I’m going to be telling you about the top superfoods you need to be adding to your diet through winter and how to easily sneak them into your diet + of course you will also get a bunch of recipes to show you how to use them.
  • Morning routines: Winter is the perfect time to relax, restore and come back to centre. So I am going to be talking you through my winter morning routine, which sets me up and helps me to de-stress, calm the mind and head into my day feeling amazing and full of energy.

Whose it for:

My Winter Wellness Talk is perfect for you if you want to head into winter feeling strong and healthy and equiped to fight off any winter flus or colds that might threaten your wellbeing. It’s also perfect for you if you want to learn how to step up your diet for winter and start super boosting it so you have more energy, feel amazing and tackle each day with a bounce.

It’s also for anyone wanting to come along to a fun evening with a group of ladies and learn some really easy tips and tricks to help you to feel, look and be your best, simply by using whole-foods and adopting some easy daily practices that will keep your body in sync.  


I am hosting two workshops:

  • Workshop one: 17th of May at 6.30pm-8pm (5 spots)
  • Workshop two: 24th of May at 6.30pm-8pm (5 spots)

There are 5 spots open in each workshop so if you would like to come along please let me know ASAP. I am also opening an early bird special for the next 24 hours which will reduce the price from $105 to $85. This special is only available until tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday the 3rd) so don’t wait too long if you want to book in.

“Renee’s wellness talks are amazing, I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about health and how to live a healthy life. Renee is so enthusiastic about health and she makes the talks interesting, fun and very interactive. She also gives you very detailed notes which mean you can go back through then after the talk, which is ideal!”- Elizabeth Kriechbaum

Both workshops are being held at my home in Takapuna, where we sit around, drink cups of tea, snack of bliss balls all while learning about Winter Wellness and how to boost your immune system.

What you get:

  • A 1 ½ hour workshop
  • An epic goodie bag worth over $50 (sometimes even more)
  • A set of notes, handouts and anything else that I think will help you to be your best this Winter
  • A bunch of delicious winter warming recipes that will keep you healthy and well
  • ++ you’ll also get the chance to ask me any questions you would like about health and wellness, so start jotting them down.

“Renee is not only a wealth of knowledge but during any workshop or session with her you instantly feel welcome and comfortable. She is a ray of positive energy and is open to any and all questions. I attended her Vegan 101 workshop and was blown away with the entire evening. I learnt so much during the workshop and left with a wonderfully organised and informative handout, recipes and an over flowing goodie bag. I highly recommend Renee”- Claire Foster

How do I book in?

If you would like to book in then all you have to do is email me at and let me know which workshop you would like to book in for. I will then get back to you right away with a confirmation of your booking and send you your invoice, which will need to be paid in full for your spot to be locked in.

If you have any questions, please just send me an email. I am more than happy to chat to you and help you to figure out if this workshop is right for you.

“Renee’s gut health workshop was very informative.  I learned a lot of new methods and food ideas to help heal my gut.  A good forum to ask lots of questions, and a really good goody bag!”- Meredith Maclean

I look forward to hearing from you and booking you in for my Winter Wellness workshop. It’s going to be such a fun evening!


R x