I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in May

Welcome to the month of May I.E Produce Latest and Greatest post!!! I have an awesome bunch of goodies to share with you, from an incredible range of plant-based protein powders, to a deliciously hydrating eco haircare range, my favourite brand of organic dried fruits and a yummy Kombucha tea that you just have to try.

So let’s get straight into it….

Amazonia Raw Protein Powders and Immune Boosting tonics:

You may remember me talking about this range of probiotic powders a few months ago. I got so much positive feed back, so I thought I would share the rest of the range with you. It includes four delicious protein powders that I’m just loving adding to my smoothies, another super food powder which helps you to get the most out of your workouts and lastly two incredible immune boosting liquids that will help you fight that awful winter cold and/or soothe any chest congestion.

Protein Powders: I’ve really grown to love protein powders. It wasn’t so long ago that I really wasn’t to phased and could easily pass them up, but now with so many cool ones popping up, I’m really loving adding them to my smoothies and getting that extra boost of protein for the day.

There are four delicious Amazonia flavours to choose from……..

  • Protein Isolate: ‘Cacao and Coconut flavour’: A creamy, raw, organic and dairy-free protein powder that is filled with pre-biotics and digestive enzymes to help nourish your gut. I love this with frozen banana and coconut milk. So Yummy!!
  • Fermented Paleo Protein: ‘Vanilla and Lucuma flavour’: This clever protein powder includes a combination of fermented and sprouted greens as well as seeds to make it perfect for any of my paleo friends. This also makes it super easy on the digestive system as it helps the body to break down the protein and absorb it correctly.
  • Slim and Tone Protein: ‘Cacao and Macadamia flavour”: The perfect powder for all my clients who signed up for my One Month Weight Loss Challenge. It’s designed to help balance sugar cravings, assist in weight loss and keep you fuller for longer. Make sure to check out my fav weight loss smoothie next week, to get an idea of how to use it.
  • Purple Rice Protein: ‘Vanilla and Acai Flavour”: This protein powder is super boosted with purple rice, which is jam packed with antioxidants and which helps to reduce inflammation in the body. I love adding this powder to my acai bowls and berry smoothies.

  • Raw Energy “Workout” Powder: I’m getting a real kick out of adding a few tsp of this powder to some water, chia seeds and banana just before I workout. It helps give a boost of energy (which I really notice) as well as promoting hydration (due to the addition of freeze dried coconut water). I love it whenever I’m planning on doing hot yoga, as this really does dehydrate me.
  • Raw Flu Fighter + Chest and Cough Kick: Lastly, I have to share these two super cool winter wellness products. They’re herbal formulas filled with Echinacea, thyme and Andrographis, which help fight any chest or sinus congestion and can also reduce the severity of your colds. I’ve yet to use them, fingers crossed this year I don’t need to, but just in case I’ve got them on hand and am keen to see how they work. Definitely a cool new product to keep close this Winter.


Absolute Organics:

Let me just start by saying that a very easy way to win me over, is to give me a box full of dried fruits and some coconut to have a play with!! I have had so much fun coming up with recipes including this incredible range of organic dried fruits, that I have definitely been a very happy Nutritionist.

Yes, dried fruit does contain sugar, but it’s a natural sugar, and because of that I give it my tick of approval. Now don’t go crazy and eat a whole bag, but a little here and there is a great way to manage those pesky sugar cravings and still keep you on track.

The key is to pick the best dried fruit, one which tastes sweet, is chewy but not hard and which is organic, which is why I recommend Absolute Organics. A lot of the other dried fruit in the supermarket is packed with additives, sugar and colourings, which basically negate any of the fruits natural goodness.

The Absolute Organics range is vast. They have organic sultanas (which I add to my porridge), organic dried apricots (which I just love munching on), organic apple rings (which are always fun to eat), organic Dried Bananas and Banana chips (which are great with a drizzle of dark chocolate), Organic pineapple slices (which I’m just loving at the moment), Organic currants, figs, trail mix and every kind of Organic Coconut you could possibly need. I think its safe to say my pantry has never looked better.

So the next time you need sultanas for your porridge, or trail mix for work, why not try picking up an Absolute Organic packet and see for yourself how incredible these organic dried fruits tastes.

My Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit  

Simply melt some dark 85% chocolate over a double boiler and while it melts arrange your dried fruit over a tray with baking paper. Once the chocolate has melted dip your dried fruit into the chocolate and then cover with some bee pollen, goji berries, coconut or any other goodies that you like. Place in the fridge to harden and then enjoy as a delicious guilt free afternoon treat.


Holistic Hair:

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely tried my fair share of natural and Eco hair care products and let me tell you…most of them have been a let down. They’re either too oily, too drying or they smell of incense, which is definitely not ideal. Because of this I have always been hesitant when trying new Eco ranges, but this has definitely changed now that I’ve given Holistic Hair a go. Firstly, their new branding is on point and stunning, secondly it smells amazing and thirdly it leaves your hair (well my hair anyway) feeling soft, hydrated and full in volume, which hardly ever happens for me.

I’ve been using their sensitive shampoo for the last few weeks alongside their conditioner and styling spray. These products have been giving my hair great movement and body and I swear it also makes it look thicker, which is a bonus given mine is so thin.

They also have a herbal rinse which hydrates and restores the hair, as well as a therapy oil for dry and damaged hair. I’m super excited to try both of these products, as my hair often gets damaged during modelling sessions, so I’m always on the look out for a weekly treatment that’s both natural, but effective.

Oh and I shouldn’t  forget, they also have a sweet dreams sleep spray which I’ve been spritzing on my pillow before bed. It is designed to help quieten your mind and get you ready for sleep. So relaxing and it makes my room smell divine.

Nutrition by Nature Kombucha:

Lucky last, the delicious ‘Nutrition by Nature’ Kombucha! I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Kombucha before and how wonderful it is for your gut health and your immune system, but do you drink it?

Now I know it can be scary to try something new, especially when that something is a fermented tea drink, which contains something called a scobby (the healthy bacteria), but trust me when I say kombucha is so incredible and will do wonders for your diet.

I personally like to have a glass most days as a little 5pm treat, while I’m finishing off work for the day. I love the taste of it, but I do know some people find it a little strange, so you’ve been warned. My advice to you is to go and pick up a bottle of the ‘Nutrition by Nature’ Kombucha, personally I think the berry flavour is the most delicious and give it a go.

It’s going to fill your gut with a bunch of probiotics and help to get rid of all those bad guys that tend to over populate in the gut and wreck havoc. Winter is also a perfect time to be focusing on fermented foods as a healthy gut, equals a healthy immune system and that’s exactly what you need.

So give it a go, live on the edge and try something new….you can thank me later when you realise that it actually tastes delicious.

And thats it for May!! Another month done and dusted and a whole new range of goodies tried and tested by yours truly.

Have the best day Lovelies and stay warm.

Renee x