My Five Favourite Sweets Treats…that you can eat…. even when on a Diet

Hey Lovelies, since my One Month Weight Loss Program has been pretty well all consuming, I thought I’d share five of my favourite sweet treats that you can eat even when you’re on a diet. How great is that!!

The good thing is that they will help you to stay on top of your goals by eliminating those craving for sugar, which I know is always the hardest part when trying to loose weight.

Firstly, before we get into these delicious recipes, let me say that I’m a big believer in weekly cheat meals. I believe that if you’re on a diet or trying to eat really healthy, then the best way to reach your goals is to actually schedule in weekly cheat meals! These will help you to balance out your diet while also keeping you on track. Plus they are amazing at controlling cravings and helping you to stay dedicated and focused.

This is something that I ask all my clients to adopt and trust me it works. So even though I’m about to show you some healthy sweet treats, that thankfully can become part of your weight loss diet (but not too often of course), you can still book in one cheat meal a week.

Ok let’s get into these five delicious sweet treats that you can still have even when you’re on a diet. Enjoy lovelies x

Treat 1: Nut Butter Stuffed Dates

This is seriously the most delicious treat ever!! All you do is keep a bag of medjool dates in your freezer and when you’re craving something sweet, or you need energy after a hard workout, just pull one out of the freezer, cut it open and stuff it with your favourite nut butter. I love filling mine with almond butter or cashew butter and then sprinkling it with some bee pollen. Delicious!

Treat 3: Banana Choc Chip Nice cream

If you’ve never had banana Nice cream, then you’re in for one amazing treat. All you do is blitz two frozen bananas with a small splash of nut mylk, ½ tsp of nut butter and 1 tsp of cacao nibs. Blend on high until smooth and creamy and then transfer into a bowl. Top with granola, goji berries or anything else you would like. You are going to love this…trust me!!

Treat 3: Fresh Fruit Covered with almond butter and other goodies

If I have a sweet craving mid afternoon, but I’m trying to be really good, then this is the snack for me.  All you do is chop up your fruit, drizzle it with some nut butter and cover it with shredded coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs and any other goodies you fancy. How easy and delicious does that sound!!

 Treat 4: Creamy Hot Chocolate

Sometimes, on a cold morning, all I want is a creamy mug of hot chocolate. So I heat 1 cup of nut mylk on the stove (I like almond or coconut) + 1 tsp of cacao powder + 1 tsp of coconut sugar + 1/4 tsp of cinnamon + ¼ tsp of vanilla powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper (I like my hot chocolate spicy). As soon as everything is heated, simply transfer into a blender, blitz on high for 10 seconds and then tip into your mug! Easy, delicious and nourishing!!

Treat 5: 1 square of 85% dark chocolate

I always have dark chocolate in my fridge. I don’t know about you but I like to end my dinner with a small piece of dark chocolate…it sort of signs off the day. I wouldn’t eat a piece every evening but I would do it a couple of times a week. If you want to pick up some chocolate to keep in your fridge make sure you only buy the darkest. This is the most bitter (which stops you from eating the whole block) + it’s also the lowest in sugar and the highest in antioxidants. Keep it to one piece though and really savour it.

And there you have it, five of my favourite sweet treats that you can eat even when on a diet. I hope they help you to stay on track with your goals and to realise that it’s not about deprivation or cutting everything from your diet, but instead about filling your diet with whole foods and balancing it out, every now and then, with some healthy sweet treats.

If you’re wanting help to stick to your goals or maybe you’re unsure how to loose weight and keep if off, then why not book in for a free 30 minute initial consultation with me, when i’m back at the start of July. We can then have a chat about my programs and what might work for you. All you need to do is email me at or call me at 021 1597977 and I’ll get back to you right away.

I look forward to hearing from you. Best of luck with all your weight loss goals.

RB x