Learn How to prepare your body for a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy in my New Pre Conception Nutrition Workshop, OPEN NOW!!

Wanting to start a family, but want to make sure your body is as healthy and strong as possible beforehand?

Or perhaps you’ve been trying for a while without conceiving and just want to be sure that you are doing everything with your diet and lifestyle to get your body as baby ready as possible.

Well then you’re in luck because today I’m opening up five spots for my ‘Pre Conception Nutrition’ Workshop this month. Throughout this workshop I will teach you how to transform your diet into something truly amazing and healthy, help you to recognise any nutrient deficiencies, touch on daily stressors, show you how to sleep better, have more energy, control your cravings and learn how to plan and organise your meals for the week to get your body into great shape. Really important stuff to get right before trying to get pregnant.

I’ll also be going over gut health, how to boost your immune system, reduce toxins from your diet, help you to understand your periods, to track them and to recognise when you’re the most fertile.

Now you might be thinking, why I am the right person to be telling you about this and helping you to get your body baby ready, and the answer is……because I was in that exact same place last year. I had just come off the pill and I was wanting to give my body time to get back in sync before Matt and I started trying.

I can honestly say that this was the best thing that I could have done. Not only did I go into this pregnancy feeling the healthiest that I have ever been, but it also allowed me time to deal with my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) , which I didn’t know I had until I came off the pill, as well as getting my cycle back into a normal pattern (which took a good eight months).

I have learnt a lot over the last year, especially about getting my body healthy and nourishing it with all the nutrients that I would need to have a healthy pregnancy. So I felt that now was the perfect time to share all this knowledge and help you to also get your body ready, so you can hopefully have a healthy pregnancy when that time comes.

What we’ll be covering in my Pre-Conception Workshop:

  • The ultimate diet for pre-conception: I’ll break down all the vitamins and minerals you should be having each day, how to get them into your diet and the best sources. I will also be going over superfoods and other foods that you should be eating each week. I will also talk to you about caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar.
  • The food and drinks that should be eliminating or greatly reducing from your diet at least 3 months before your start trying
  • The key supplements you should be taking each day
  • Lifestyle tips to help you to feel, look and be your very best: This includes exercise, stress management, sleep, happiness, food preparation and organisation.
  • The natural health remedies that I used to balance my periods and hormones: Such as acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and diet.
  • Periods: How to help get them back in sync and try to keep them that way + how to track your periods and also learn how to understand when your body is the most fertile.
  • Coming off the pill: I will be covering how to do this successfully and how to replenish your body of all the nutrients that were stripped while you were on the pill.
  • My top 10 fertility boosting foods that you might want to try

What you’ll get:

  • A full set of notes on everything we cover in the workshop + a list of my favourite pre-conception + healthy pregnancy books and websites for you to check out in your own time.
  • An amazing goodie bag worth around $80 (sometimes even more)
  • Delicious recipes to try, that are designed to help have a healthy pregnancy.
  • A really fun evening with five women who are all wanting to be their healthiest and learn as much as possible on pre-conception nutrition.

Dates + Info:

  • Now I have two workshops dates for you. The first workshop is being held on the 17th of August at 6.30pm and the second workshop on the 23rd of August at 6.30pm. Both workshops run for 1 ½ hours and they are both being held at my home in Takapuna.
  • You will be sent all the information you need regarding the workshops once you have emailed me and locked in your place. You will also then be sent an invoice which will need to be paid in full for your spot to be confirmed.
  • Cost: I have an Early Bird discount which is open for the next 24 hours and which reduces the price to $90, otherwise it’s $105 per person. If you come with a friend the price is reduced to $95 for both of you.


  • If you live out of Auckland but would still really like to learn about pre-conception nutrition I will be opening up a few spots for skype sessions. Please email me at hi@reneebrown.co.nz and we can organise a time for your session. The price for the skype session is $95 for an hour. You will receive the full set of notes + recipes which will be emailed to you after our session.
  • Another option is a private one-on-one session with me. This session would be an hour long and is $105. You will get a full set of notes and recipes at the session. This is a great option if you have a lot of questions and would like a one-on-one approach regarding pre-conception planning.

So there you have it, a lot of different options that will hopefully offer something that works for you. This really is going to be such a fun evening and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.

Now if you have any questions please let me know, otherwise to book your place, simply email me at hi@reneebrown.co.nz and I will get back to you right away with a confirmation of your spot. I can’t wait to hear from you and book you in for my Pre-Conception Nutrition workshop.