I.E Produce “Latest and Greatest” in August

Happy August Ladies!! I hope you’re all having a great month and also enjoying the last little bit of the winter chills, haha, before we officially hit Spring. Wahoo!!! I have to admit I’m so over wearing two jumpers and needing a heater right next to me to stay warm. I’m ready for sunshine, warm summery days and dresses!!!

I have a bunch of exciting new goodies to share with you this month, from my absolute favourite cashew cheese spread, to some cool eco toothbrushes, organic tea, beeswax honey wraps and lastly some crunchy little activated raw food bites that are perfect for all you busy people.

So let’s get into it.

Scarborough Fair Cashew Cheese: 

I’m  excited to share with you, this incredible cashew cheese! Matt and I have actually been using this spread for the last few months and its pretty safe to say that we’re hooked!! Now as you probably know, I’ve been making my own cashew cheese for a few years, but mines quite different to this spread; for starters mine is more like a sour cream than a cashew cheese and secondly it doesn’t have any other boosters added such as herbs or probiotics, which is what I think makes this cashew cheese so delicious.

I will still always make my own cashew cheese for dolloping on top of veggie bowls and burritos, but when it comes to a spread, this is hands down the best I’ve tasted!! I’m loving it at the moment on top of fresh sourdough bread with avocado and tomato. So delicious, however one piece is never enough.

So if you’re on the hunt for a dairy free spread, or just want to dip your toes into the mysterious world of nut cheeses, then this is the place to start. I would recommend trying the herby cashew cheese first, as its just so yummy with a few veggie sticks for an easy afternoon snack, or if you prefer smeared on a brown rice cake when a craving hits.

A little advice before I rap this up, they never last long when they hit the shelves, so if you come across a batch, definitely jump on it.


Hello Raw Crackers + Bites

These new Hello Raw crackers and bites are so much fun and are such a great way to sample some raw activated treats. It was pretty hard to pick a favourite, since I do love a good cracker, but after trying them all, I found a few favourites. They were the delicious Beetroot and Oregano Crackers, which went so nicely with avocado (surprise, surprise) and then also the Raspberry and Coconut Bites, which to be honest are just divine on their own and are the perfect handbag treat and have saved me on multiple occasions already….mainly when my pregnancy hunger pains strike.

There are three other flavours to choose from, from Carrot and Cashew crackers to Superfood Bites and finally Banana and Cashew bites. YUM!!


Silk Tea and Matcha Latte:

As you know I’m a lover of tea and warm drinks generally and I would definitely be happy sipping on a hot drink 24/7. Now because of this, whenever a new tea or hot drinks option pops up at I.E Produce, I jump on it and that’s exactly what happened with this beautiful new range of Silk teas.

There are three teas you can try (Organic Milky Oolong, Organic GABA Oolong and Organic Hojicha) as well as a delicious Organic Latte Grade Matcha. I’ve been loving the freshness of their matcha latte mix, which goes so nicely mixed into a cup of warm coconut milk with a splash of maple of coconut sugar. If you want to learn all about the amazing health benefits of matcha tea, then have a read here. I’ve been including Matcha into my diet for a few years now and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Moving back to the teas, I’d have to say I love the Organic Hojicha the most, as its quite rich and flavoursome and goes really well with almond milk, where as the Organic GABA Oolong is more of an afternoon tea which I like drinking on its own. I definitely recommend picking up one of these teas when your next at I.E Produce and giving it a go for yourself. Is their really anything better or more comforting that a warming cup of tea on a cold afternoon?

Honey Food Wraps:

Let me just say that I am absolutely in love with these wraps!! Matt and I have been trying to switch away from plastic food wraps and to filling our pantry with more eco products and so we naturally wanted to try these wraps.

I have to admit at first I was a little unsure how I was going to use the wraps, but after having a play over the last few weeks I’m hooked. It’s been so nice simply wrapping a bowl of leftover fruit or chia pudding in a honey wrap instead of pulling out a plastic wrap to cover our food. I also love the smell of the wraps, which have a subtle honey aroma to help make your food feel even fresher and cleaner.

If you don’t know anything about these wraps, the key things to note is that they are made with pure cotton, beeswax, tree rosin and johoba oil, which is said to keep food fresher for longer (see what did I tell you). All you have to do is pull out one of these wraps (they come in a few sizes) and then let the warmth of your hands mould them to fit around your fruit, bowls, and whatever else you may want to cover. Once you’ve finished using it, you can then wash it with cold water and a little detergent and it will be good to go again.

I’ve managed to gather a good little collection over the last few weeks and it has now become automatic for me to pull one out and use it rather than plastic. I’d love to know how you find these wraps, so please do comment below.

Humble Brush Toothbrushes:

Right lucky last item to share with you today and it’s a goodie. These are the new Humble tooth brushes that have just come in and as you can probably tell by looking at them, their pretty awesome!

The reason their so great is firstly, because they’re made with bamboo, secondly every tooth brush you buy means a child in need also receives a tooth brush (how amazing is that) and thirdly their good for the environment, are dentist approved and come in a range of cool colours that might just brighten up your morning.

I also love that they come in a kids size as well, which I think is just adorable and which makes this pregnant mumma just a little clucky.  I personally love the soft pink brush, what about you. What’s your favourite?

Right so there you have it, another month ticked off. I can’t quite believe that we are almost at the end of August, but then I’m also super excited to watch my little bubba growing safe and sound in my belly over the last few months of 2017..

Now just quickly I will be hosting a new PCOS workshop next month. I’m still working on the details and dates, but if your interested please email me at hi@reneebrown.co.nz and I’ll add you to the list for when all the official info is out.

Thanks lovelies,

Have a beautiful day,

R x