I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September

Wow September’s here already,how fantastic! So, there’s only four months till 2017 is done and dusted… and then just 2 short weeks until my little cutie arrives!! Cue slight panic attack. I have to admit I’m really excited for the warmer months. I want sunshine, summer dresses, jandals, delicious fresh fruit and a whole lot of vitamin D. But before we can enjoy summer we’ve got to make it through Spring and so here are some of my favourite new products to get you through the next couple of months.

I’ve got a great little mixture for you, from some new mouth-watering coconut yogurt flavours and ice cream, to a stunning new natural face mask range, a delicious coconut water to replenish your hydration after a workout, another epic eco lunch container and the latest exciting new spiralizers, graters and fermenting jars.

Let’s kick it off with this creamy, probiotic rich coconut yogurt that never lasts long in my house…. The delicious Coyo.


Coyo Coconut Yogurt:

The last few weeks have been such fun as I’ve been testing, trying and tasting all the new flavours from the incredible Coyo Coconut brand. I’ve always known about Coyo and have definitely eaten my fair share of their yogurt over the years, but with their recent rebranding and their release of new, even more delicious flavours, I have to admit I’m hooked.

I use coconut yogurt a lot… like multiple times a day and so as you can image I’m rather picky as to what brand I use. I know what I like and what I’ll use in my recipes. So when I heard about the new Coyo flavours, I was excited, but also cautious since let’s be honest there are a lot of average coconut yogurts on the market. Thankfully Coyo isn’t one of them.

I tried most of the flavours and let’s just say that they did not last long in my house. Matt and I both loved the Plum and Guava (no surprise there) and we’re both really impressed with the Banana, Chia and Cardamom, which I honestly thought was going to be a little strange. The thing that stands out the most with these coconut yogurts, are that they are thick and creamy, almost like a Greek yogurt, which makes them perfect for so many recipes from chia puddings, to bircher, to smashed guacamole (using the natural flavour of course) and even dolloped on top of crumbles and baked fruit.

I definitely give Coyo my tick of approval and would recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re new to the whole coconut yogurt world. I also suggest picking up a few of their small sized yogurt pots to take to work for an afternoon snack with some trail mix on top, or simply sticking to the bigger sizes for all your delicious recipe creations at home.


Coyo Ice Cream:

Before we move on from the delicious world of dairy free goodies, I need to tell you about Coyo’s new range of ice cream…they are truly mouth watering!! I picked up the Coco Latte and Black Forest flavours and was blown away. The Coco Latte is, in my opinion, hands down the best dairy free ice cream that I’ve ever tried, with Black Forest coming in at a close second. They are both super creamy, not too coconut-y (which I like) and absolutely perfect for when that sweet craving hits.

I’ve been enjoying mine over my 5-Minute Berry Crumble which I’ll be sharing later this week, or simply enjoyed as is, or with a little fruit. Delicious!!!


Coco Coast Coconut Water:

Since we’re talking all things coconut, I thought now was the perfect time to introduce these refreshing new coconut waters. Now as you probably know , there are a ton of coconut waters to choose from, and so you’re probably wondering what makes this Coco Coast Coconut Water so special. The reason is simple, it uses young coconuts. This makes it taste incredibly fresh and clean, which is super important to me.

I tend to drink a lot of coconut water in the warmer months to stay hydrated and also just as a yummy drink when I get sick of water. So, I’m really excited that there is another great brand to choose from and one that actually comes in a size that I can drink in one go, rather than just for smoothies or for at home.

I also love that they have a sparkling coconut water, which really helps make it feel like a special drink, especially when I add a few slices of orange or frozen berries + mint to the glass. There are three flavours to choose from, natural, natural with sparkles and passionfruit. If you’re a lover of simple, then stick to the natural one, but if you want something a little yummy then I would definitely recommend trying the passionfruit. I love it and will definitely be stocking up right before bubs arrives to ensure I have a lovely hydrating summer drink close at hand.


Earth Kiss Face Masks:

Right let’s move onto something girly, pretty and of course totally necessary…..These divine new face masks!! I don’t know about you but I’m a face mask kind of girl and love to use one every couple of weeks.

I’ve been using the ‘May Lindstrom Skin’ brand, which is really great, but what I love about the Earth Kiss face masks are that they come in individual packets. This makes them ideal for travelling and minimising mess…. my bathroom counter used to always have a little leftover mud around, but not anymore with these packs.


There are a bunch of masks to choose from, from pore cleansing, to pore refining, rejuvenating, exfoliating and then also two hydrating and revitalising masks using a bamboo sheet, which is truly something else. Personally I loved the Pore Cleanse the most, since my skin has been in need of some serious love since being pregnant. I also liked the rejuvenate mask. These masks are natural, vegan and eco, which should be something everyone thinks about when choosing makeup and skincare.

All you need to do to apply the mask is simply cleanse your skin thoroughly, apply the mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes….maybe while you have a bath, paint your nails, read a book or as I like to do, prep meals for the week. Then, once the times up, gently wash the mask off with a warm face cloth and you’re all done. I like to finish the whole ritual with a few drops of the Tribeca Face Oil, which has been really helping to cleanse my skin at the moment.


Freshionable by Zuperzozial:

Ok listen up guys, I’m pretty excited to share this next one with you since it’s so clever and is such a great way to solve that all important question ….” What do I take my lunch in?”. This is definitely something that we’ve struggled with in our house as a lot of lunchboxes can be quite girly and complicated. But this range is just so cool. It has beautiful clean lines, is simple to use, is unisex and is great for transporting your sandwiches, wraps, fruit, muesli bars, or any weekday lunch goodies. I’ve also been reading that some people are even using these bags as wallets for extra storage, which is pretty awesome.

These bags are made from washable paper, so you can use them over and over again (wahoo…no more plastic bags!!). They are also recycleable and come in two colours, black and tan. Such a great way to transport your lunch to work in a very slick, eco and stylish pouch. So what do you think, you interested in giving these a go?


Kilner’s Latest Range:

Lucky Last!! If you’re somebody who loves efficiency, cool new products and especially jars, then you’re going to love this latest range of products by Kilner. The first product I want to discuss, is my favourite … the incredible spiralizer jar. Basically, it is a large mason jar with a spiralizer attachment on top, so you can very easily spiralize your vegetables into beautiful noodles right into the jar. You then simply replace the spiralixer lid with the airtight one and everything will stay fresh until needed. How great is that!!!

I’m a big lover of spiralized veggies, since let’s be honest they look cool and all the goodness is retained. Unfortunately, my spiralizer is a big contraption, that is almost more effort to put together, use and clean, than it’s worth. However,  now with this new spiralizer jar, I’m finding myself quickly spiralizing zucchini to go under my stir fry, carrots for my salads and yummy beetroot for wraps. It really is so much easier and such a fun new gadget for the kitchen.

There are two other products that I wanted to share with you guys in this range. The compact little grater jar set and the fermentation jar. I know Matt’s really enjoying using the grater for cheese, as he can then leave any leftovers in the jar and he knows it will stay fresh until next time. I haven’t gotten around to trying the fermentation jar yet, but it’s definitely something I’m going to have a play with, so I’ll be in touch once I’ve given it a go.

And there you have it, the end of another Latest and Greatest from I.E. Produce. I hope you enjoyed the goodies that we picked for you and that they will help you to be your best and live a healthy life. I will be posting a competition next week on my social media accounts so make sure to check it out for a chance to win some of the incredible items that I shared with you today.

Have a lovely day and I’ll be in touch early next week with my 5-minute crumble recipe. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

Renee x