Confessions from a 24 week Preggo

I can’t quite believe it, I’m already 24 weeks into my pregnancy, which means that I’m officially into my fifth month of pregnancy!!!  The little cutie is apparently, at this moment, the size of a corn cob or Cantaloupe, which is slightly terrifying and I’m constantly getting little daily reminders that he/she is there with lots of kicks and jumps. Matt even got to feel a kick the other day which was pretty special.

I have to admit this whole pregnancy journey is really flying by. Well, maybe last week it felt like it is was taking FOR EVER.  No idea why.  But generally it seems that the weeks just keep on passing us by and there’s really no time to slow down and take it all in. I’m doing my best though to try and capture and appreciate each week since you don’t get many pregnancies in a lifetime.  I want to make sure I remember it all and enjoy it while I can, before our whole life, in just a few short months is completely overturned.

How I’m feeling:

I’m pretty lucky in the fact that I’ve had an easy pregnancy so far. Everything’s tracking along nicely and I’m able to continue to do a lot of the same things that I did before falling pregnant. The only real issue that I’ve had is that I’ve been feeling light headed more frequently in this second trimester (which I heard is common). I already had low blood pressure and so there was really no surprise that this is one of the things that’s giving me a little grief. What I’ve learnt is that I need to always have snacks on hand, that I need to eat every 2-3 hours (even if I’m not hungry) and that I can’t push myself too much. I’d love to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing and what your secret is to keep it under control?

My skin has finally started to get a little of that pregnancy glow on that everyone talks about. I swear the first 20 weeks were awful and I was breaking out in pimples most days, but this seems to have settled down over the last few weeks…. fingers crossed this lasts.

Sleep has also been a little all over the place recently and I seem to wake up at least a couple of times during the night to pee. I’m really hoping this isn’t the start of pregnancy insomnia that I’ve read a lot about as your body tries to get you ready for waking during the night (which just seems cruel). I’m now trying not to drink too many liquids at night which does seem to be helping, thank god!!! Oh, and it also doesn’t help that my restless leg syndrome is back with a vengeance. I now make sure to rub magnesium oil into my calves before bed (every night) which seems to ease the restlessness. I’m loving The Amazing Oil Company as they have a huge range of magnesium products that are natural and safe during pregnancy.


Honestly I have no idea how much weight I have gained so far and I’m kind of keen to keep it that way. I think as females we can get so caught up with the scales (and even more so when pregnant) when really what we should be doing is looking at how we feel and realising that we will be gaining weight and at a pretty fast pace.

Obviously if you’re eating a lot of takeaways, refined sugar and processed foods then maybe you might want to cut back a little, but otherwise try to enjoy this time. I’m just trying to eat healthy and exercise 4-5 times a week and for me that’s how I’m managing the weight and trusting that my body will put on what it needs.


Ok so my diet has been pretty boring as of late since my taste buds have completely gone out the window and everything pretty much tastes bland and unexciting, or if it’s a bowl of cooked vegetables…. down right gross!!!! The only flavour that seems to really taste good to me is anything sweet such as fresh fruit, smoothies, flavoured yogurt (I’m loving the Raglan and Coyo coconut yogurt) and of course a few sweeties.

This has led me to start my mornings (at least during the week) with a big chia pudding that I make the night before topped with lots of fresh fruit, homemade granola and coconut yogurt. Then I’ll typically have a turmeric latte or occasional coffee (next week I’ll be sharing my vegan bullet proof coffee, so make sure to check it out) with some homemade banana bread or a piece of fruit a few hours later.

Lunch has been a lot of wraps, which I never use to eat but which seem to be the only way I can get in a bunch of vegetables without feeling sick. I love filling mine with lots of avocado, cashew cheese, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, tomatoes, crushed almonds, lettuce and salt and pepper. Delicious!!! This will keep me full for a good three hours, and then I’ll normally have a smaller chai pudding (if one is made), a smoothie (green or berry) or some brown rice cakes with nut butter and cucumber.

Dinner is then when it gets hard again as I’m really not craving anything and am struggling to find food that I want to eat. We’ve been eating a lot of taco’s, curries, chilli’s and then even really random meals like roast potatoes and a rice salad, as simple carbs are the easiest for me to eat. Oh and on that note I’ve completely gone off sweet potato (so sad) and could happily drink multiple glasses of juices which is where the whole craving for sweet things is coming in. I’m finding that Kombucha, coconut water and lemon and mint sparkling water is hitting the spot for now though.


I’m currently taking a Prenatal vitamin once a day, called Pure Natal, which I order from the Tonic Room. I also take 4 x Omega 3 tablets a day (2 in the morning and 2 at night) to help with baby’s brain development and overall growth as well as to keep my body healthy. I love the Nordic Natural Algae, which you can either get from IE Produce or the Tonic Room.

Lastly I’m taking one Garden of Life Iron tablet once a day to keep my levels high and occasionally one Garden of Life Vitamin D supplement, but I’ll be stopping this now that we’re heading into Summer. Both of these are from IE Produce.

I also am adding in a tsp of Welle Co green superfood powder into my smoothies to ensure I’m getting in enough greens, iron and folate, as well as 1 tsp of Maca powder for energy.


I’ve been slowly building up my exercise routine over the last few weeks and am really happy that I am now able to workout 5 x a week. I’ve been mixing my workouts up with 3 x Pilates classes a week (I love Reformer classes), 2 x 45 minute walks (typically along the beach and up a few hills) and I’m hoping to fit in a pregnancy yoga class sometime. This routine is really making me feel strong and healthy, without over doing it and leaving me exhausted. I typically workout Mon-Fri and then leave the weekend free to relax or fit in a gentle walk with Matt.

I’m hoping I’m going to be able to keep this up for the rest of the pregnancy but I also know that a lot of people find working out really hard towards the end so I’m making the most of feeling great now and just focusing on keeping my body strong and healthy.

What else has been going on……

  • I’m been nesting like crazy!!!! I really want to get the baby’s room all sorted so that I can just relax and enjoy decorating it with all those little bits and pieces during the last few weeks.
  • My bump officially looks like a bump now which is really exciting. It’s definitely more obvious in the evenings after a whole day of eating every 3 hours and is definitely getting bigger and bigger.
  • I’ve been purchasing a few maternity items, since let’s be honest when else am I ever going to be able to do this. I’m really loving the LEGOE brand (I have a great jumper and dress from them) as well as ASOS maternity for the most amazing pregnancy jeans and dresses.
  • I’ve been reading “The first 40 Days’ by Heng Ou which I’m loving since it goes into how to properly look after your body after the bubs arrives and the best foods to help you heal and restore your strength. I’m also just getting into Ina May’s Guide to ChildBirth which is a little scary and exciting all at the same time. I’d really love to know if you have any great pregnancy books or podcasts that you’re loving or that you found really helpful. I’m all about reading ahead and trying to be as prepared as possible, so any advice would be great.

I’ve only got a few more weeks left in this 2nd trimester (which is so crazy) and then I really will be in that count down mode as I head into trimester 3. I’m hoping everything continues to go along as it is (minus the dizziness) so that I can feel really strong and healthy for the birth, but we will just have to wait and see.

Just a heads up, I do post a little weekly update on my social media accounts, so if you love staying up to date with what’s going on with me and my pregnancy then make sure to follow along.

Have a beautiful day lovelies and any questions please do comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

R xx