About Me

Let me introduce myself, My name is Renee Brown and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach.

I’m here to hopefully empower, educate, motivate and support you on your health journey, and to ensure your journey is enjoyable, manageable and sustainable.

I believe that health and wellness is one of the most, if not the most important aspects of a persons life, but that sadly it is also the most commonly unprioritised.

This is where I come in.

I am beyond passionate and excited about all things to do with health and wellness and I love spending my time encouraging others to get excited about health and to realise that once you make your health a top priority your whole life can change.

I noticed my interest in health when I was a teenager and would sit and read health books for hours purely out of interest. I decided once I finished college to study Sport Science at University, as I was interested in the physical activity aspect of health.

After completing my degree, I knew that I needed to continue my learning in the health industry and so I enrolled in a Nutritional Sciences Diploma. I learnt so much about nutrition and the body during these years and I was so excited that I was learning about my passion. Once again though, once the two years were completed I still wasn’t done and knew that there was so much more that I wanted to learn.

First, I needed to take a break and so I took a six month trip travelling around Europe with my Boyfriend (now Husband).

We spent our six months eating the fresh fruits and vegetables from the tiny markets, the amazing Italian olives and of course the many different flavoured gelatos, fresh warm bread and multiple macchiato coffees. We walked everyday and took in all the different cultures.

It was the most amazing trip but like all goods things, it had to come to an end and we came back to New Zealand where I began thinking ………… what’s next?

I stumbled across a health coaching certificate program one day when I was exploring various health blogs. As soon as I read the layout of the course I knew it was for me. It would allow a deeper understanding of the whole person instead of just focusing on one area.

I enrolled and before I knew it I was back to the books studying and continuing to grow my knowledge.

While I have been studying for the last six years, I have also been modelling. My passion for health has always sat well alongside modelling as when I eat well, exercise regularly and look after myself it shows in my work. It’s portrayed in my skin, hair, nail and my body and also through my energy levels and attitude. I am so grateful to be able to model as it has allowed me to focus on my studies in-between jobs and has exposed me to an industry where I have to be confident and to challenge and push myself.

When it comes to nutrition it can be very confusing and overwhelming when you try and make changes on your own. There are so many books, magazines and articles, which contradict each other. Without the right advice you can do more harm than good. I’m here to treat you as the individual you are and customise a plan to meet your needs.

At the end of the day I am just the person giving the advice, you are the one who has to put that advice into practice and ultimately make the changes you want to see in yourself.

When I’m not coaching or studying or modelling you’ll find me….

 At Peak Pilates, reading health blogs, magazines and books, drinking green tea, walking along Takapuna beach with friends, my boyfriend Matt or Louie the dog, making new food creations in the kitchen, walking the isles of I.E Produce Takapuna, or just generally relaxing and having some downtime.

I hope that through reading my blog you will find a place of sanctuary where your questions can be answered, new recipes can be found and a passion for health can develop.

I’m so glad you’re here

Renee xx