I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in November

I can’t quite believe it, but this is my last IE Produce Latest and Greatest post for the year and also for the next few months. WOW, this year has truly flown by and it still seems so crazy to me that in just eight short weeks we’ll be welcoming the newest addition into our family. I mean really, where has the time gone!! Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in November”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest from October

Good morning lovelies, just want to say sorry that I haven’t been popping up into your inbox as regularly as I used to, but this whole growing a baby thing, as well as getting everything ready for its arrival, has definitely taken over. I’ve also been booking in all my final client session dates, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to give my blog as much love as I would have liked. I hope you understand. Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest from October”

My Take On Bullet Proof Coffee (Only Vegan and Healthier)

Who doesn’t love a delicious mug of steamy hot coffee to kick start their day? Yes, you heard me right, I did say coffee, not matcha latte or herbal tea or even herbal coffee and I mean real coffee that smells incredible, that gives you that amazing little boost and kick in your step and that even makes you go…..’Mmmmm” when you take a sip. Continue reading “My Take On Bullet Proof Coffee (Only Vegan and Healthier)”

Confessions from a 24 week Preggo

I can’t quite believe it, I’m already 24 weeks into my pregnancy, which means that I’m officially into my fifth month of pregnancy!!!  The little cutie is apparently, at this moment, the size of a corn cob or Cantaloupe, which is slightly terrifying and I’m constantly getting little daily reminders that he/she is there with lots of kicks and jumps. Matt even got to feel a kick the other day which was pretty special. Continue reading “Confessions from a 24 week Preggo”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September

Wow September’s here already,how fantastic! So, there’s only four months till 2017 is done and dusted… and then just 2 short weeks until my little cutie arrives!! Cue slight panic attack. I have to admit I’m really excited for the warmer months. I want sunshine, summer dresses, jandals, delicious fresh fruit and a whole lot of vitamin D. But before we can enjoy summer we’ve got to make it through Spring and so here are some of my favourite new products to get you through the next couple of months. Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September”

Pink Berry Chia Pudding: The Breakfast that has all your Cravings Covered

I think it’s pretty funny that when you’re pregnant your cravings and taste buds can change dramatically. Well that’s what’s happening with me. I’m repulsed by cooked vegetables (unless they’re hidden), I funnily enough love raw vegetables, I’m obsessed with fresh fruit (I swear it tastes even more amazing than before), sweet potatoes are a big no no in our house and chia puddings have become my new favourite obsession. Continue reading “Pink Berry Chia Pudding: The Breakfast that has all your Cravings Covered”

September Workshop: “Healing your PCOS Naturally”

Good morning lovelies, so I have an exciting new workshop to share with you this month called “Healing your PCOS Naturally”. Now as you might have read on some of my previous posts I was diagnosed with ‘Polystic Ovarian Syndrome’ (PCOS) early last year after coming off the pill and realising pretty quickly that my body was out of balance and not functioning at its best. After a number of tests, I was diagnosed with PCOS and it has been a steep learning experience ever since. Continue reading “September Workshop: “Healing your PCOS Naturally””

I.E Produce “Latest and Greatest” in August

Happy August Ladies!! I hope you’re all having a great month and also enjoying the last little bit of the winter chills, haha, before we officially hit Spring. Wahoo!!! I have to admit I’m so over wearing two jumpers and needing a heater right next to me to stay warm. I’m ready for sunshine, warm summery days and dresses!!! Continue reading “I.E Produce “Latest and Greatest” in August”