My favourite beauty foods to feed my skin from the inside out

Over the last few months I have been surrounded by products designed to enhance natural beauty, from foods for beautiful skin, to natural organic skin care products, to powders & oil’s, and even teas that help us to look and feel our most beautiful. This is an area I am very passionate about. I love giving my body everything it needs to shine and feel it’s best, while at the same time making sure I only apply makeup that lets my skin breathe and that’s not going to cause congestion. Continue reading “My favourite beauty foods to feed my skin from the inside out”

Natural Beauty 101: Wellness Talk

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope you are well and managing to keep safe from all the nasty winter colds that seem to be everywhere at the moment. You are probably aware that a few weeks ago I had the first of my monthly series Wellness Talks. It was called “Winter Superfoods” and I spent the hour talking about those superfoods that are in my top ten and why they are amazing and how to get them into your diet. Continue reading “Natural Beauty 101: Wellness Talk”

The Facial + Essential Oils You Needs To be Using This Winter for Radiant Skin

I love finding and testing the latest beauty products, especially products made in our beautiful country. Last month I shared with you ‘Love Oil’s’. This month I want to tell you about a facial that is utterly relaxing and almost meditative, a range of Essential Oils that cleanse, renew and hydrate your skin, leaving it glowing and fresh.

I was introduced to this beauty range called “Radiance” by one of my incredibly talented friends.  She designed the logos for the owner Michelle. Michelle has been working with essential oils for about 3 years now and recently decided to create her own line of beauty oils and a specialised facial that supported the oils, and offered  “time out” for her clients. Continue reading “The Facial + Essential Oils You Needs To be Using This Winter for Radiant Skin”

Inspirational Women and Their Mornings: Ashleigh Scott

Welcome to ‘Inspiration Women and Their Mornings’. A new series where I interview amazing women about their morning routines, in the hope of gaining a little insight into what makes them so inspirational in the first place. (+ I also kind of hope that some of that amazingness with rub off on me in the process…. here’s hoping)

So, let’s get inspired ladies.

This week we’re chatting with Ashleigh Scott!! Continue reading “Inspirational Women and Their Mornings: Ashleigh Scott”

New Beauty Oil: Love Skin

I love finding beautiful new products to pamper my skin, so when I was sent this beautiful range; by Love Skin, I was very excited to give it a go.

I’ve been using Love Skin’s oils for the last month as my morning moisturiser when my skin is feeling a bit dry or is in need of some extra love. Now as you know I love coconut oil and that will continue to be my cleanser, but I do love to mix up my moisturisers and especially with oil based ones at that. Continue reading “New Beauty Oil: Love Skin”

DIY: Hydrating Avocado Face Mask

Aaahhh the amazing avocado, can it do no wrong!  I add this insanely creamy fruit to everything, including sliced on toast, scooped into my morning smoothie and now massaged onto my face. Strange… yes, but amazing none the less.

This month on the blog I’m all about greens, due to my January Wellness Challenge to eat a minimum of 2 x serves of green every day, so I figured why not stick to the colour theme and add in one of my favourite DIY hydrating face masks. Continue reading “DIY: Hydrating Avocado Face Mask”

Spotlight on Coconut Oil

I’m crazy about coconut oil!! I add it to my smoothies, I bake with it, cook my tofu in it, spread it over my face and I even condition my hair with it. I’m a coconut oil addict.

Recently, there has been a lot of new information coming out around coconut oil and its uses. Most of it has been positive, but some of it have been slightly cautionary (that is people wanting more studies and findings).   Continue reading “Spotlight on Coconut Oil”

DIY: Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub With Grapefruit

Imagine getting your coffee fix in the morning without turning on the coffee machine. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible.  Not only does your bathroom fill with the heavenly smell of sweet coffee, you get to rub it all over you body. I know, how much fun!!

I have been meaning to share more beauty tips/articles since I have received great feedback from my coconut oil cleansing post. I am eager to continue broadening my knowledge in natural beauty and to share my experience along the way. So here we go, the first of many DIY natural beauty recipes. Continue reading “DIY: Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub With Grapefruit”