20 Ways to Use Indah Coconut Oil 

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m slightly obsessive when it comes to coconut oil. But in all fairness it does comes with the territory when you’re a Nutritionist and also a Vegan. 

I’ve been using coconut oil for years and have found many different ways to add this super-food into my life. You’re likely not as enamored with coconut oil as I am  so you may not be aware of all the fun and amazing ways you can use it …. so to help you get up to speed, I’m going to share my 20 best ways to use coconut oil. Continue reading “20 Ways to Use Indah Coconut Oil “

My Beauty Routine

I’m a girlie, girl.  I like pretty things, getting dressed up and of course beauty products. Before I became vegan (which is when I started to really focus my time on being my best self) I would buy the latest and greatest products. This basically meant my bathroom drawers where filled with multiple lipsticks, bronzers, mascaras etc… you name it and I had it. 

Now I know this was not the best thing I could have been doing for my body or my skin.  I decided to make a change. I decided to only use organic, natural products, products I could basically eat if I wanted to. I wanted to be able to pronounce what was going on my skin, and so that meant out with all the chemicals and a lot of my makeup and in with new exciting natural organic brands. Continue reading “My Beauty Routine”


I am asked all the time, what I wash and cleanse my face with. Now this might seem like a strange question to be asked, but it turns out, a lot of you  want to know the secret behind clear skin. Well, truth be told, there is no secret. But there is this amazing cleansing method that I have been using for the past few years.  And I have to say, “I’m hooked”. It’s called the oil cleansing method. Continue reading “THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD”

How To: Get Beautiful, Glowing Skin All Year Round + My Skin Brightening Face Mask

I am pretty sure every one wants beautiful, dewy, glowing, skin but sometimes wanting it and actually having it are two completely different things. Now, I’m well aware that genetics play a part, but they are definitely not the be all end all when it comes to having great skin.

When I travelled to Europe on my OE and my diet went from green smoothies and big colorful salads to gelato, coffee, wine and bread, you can image my skin was not at all happy. I had more breakouts; my skin lacked radiance and it was always slightly oily. However, as frustrating as this was at the time, it did help me to realize the huge role that diet plays in healthy skin. Continue reading “How To: Get Beautiful, Glowing Skin All Year Round + My Skin Brightening Face Mask”

My New Favourite way to Cleanse & Detoxify my Body in just 20 Short Minutes

Picture this, you wake up, scoop out a small tsp of coconut oil onto a spoon and then, wait for it…… you put it in your mouth and start swishing it around. No, this isn’t a joke. I’m being completely serious, and yes I have tried it.

This is oil pulling, where you are pushing and pulling the oil through your teeth. It takes a while to get your head around this practice but trust me, there’s amazing health benefits to oil pulling when it’s practiced regularly. Oil pulling is an old ayurveda process, which is used to help the body to heal and has been practiced for hundreds of years in India. Continue reading “My New Favourite way to Cleanse & Detoxify my Body in just 20 Short Minutes”