Chocolate Dessert Smoothie Bowls

Hi lovelies, how are you all going?

I’m sorry, I haven’t been blogging as much as usual during the past month, the reason being that I’m working on this really exciting new project that’s taking all my extra time and energy – more on that later. Thankfully I’ve managed to sit my butt down during this last week and do some much needed writing and recipe testing… so your inbox will be filled with new inspiration shortly. Continue reading “Chocolate Dessert Smoothie Bowls”

1 Pumpkin 4 ways

I hate being wasteful. I’m a person who keeps every last little bit of hummus that’s in the container, who makes bowls of salads with last night’s leftovers and who is the queen of whipping up a delicious lunch when you would swear there was nothing to eat in the fridge.

I guess I follow the cook once eat twice philosophy, which I learnt during my studies. It means (if the name doesn’t give it away) that you cook something once and then eat it twice i.e dinner and then lunch the next day. Continue reading “1 Pumpkin 4 ways”

My Blackcurrant Immune Boosting Smoothie

Morning everyone. I thought I would share with you all my latest obsession in the smoothie world. This is my blackcurrant immune boosting smoothie and it rocks!!

You have probably read about blackcurrants in this month I.E Produce Latest and Greatest article (if not click here) and you’re probably wondering how do I get these super berries into my diet ASAP. I too wondered how to best consume this delicious berry and so I starting having a play around with them in the kitchen and here is my solution. Continue reading “My Blackcurrant Immune Boosting Smoothie”

Feijoa and Ginger – Winter Green Smoothie

The other day while walking through the Go Green Expo I passes by the Organic Mechanics stall. Naturally, I did what any smoothie-loving girl would do and I got myself a large green smoothie.

It was delicious (of course) but it was also different. There was this subtle flavour that I loved and it wasn’t until I read the ingredients list that I realised it was coming from a sneaky little feijoa that they added to the smoothie. Continue reading “Feijoa and Ginger – Winter Green Smoothie”

Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Super Porridge

I know it’s crazy hot at the moment, so it might seem slightly peculiar for me to be posting a porridge recipe, but there is a sound reason to my madness and that reason is nutrition, or as I like to say “ goodness”.

During summer, we can get so caught up with eating light and easily digested meals that we can miss out in the nutrient department. I know I’ve been eating a little bit simpler lately and so I felt it was time to throw in a hearty, nourishing, full of goodness recipe ….and so, of course, I went for porridge. Continue reading “Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Super Porridge”

Matcha Powder: One of the Most Powerful Superfoods + 3 New Recipes You Need to Try Now!!

I just love superfoods. The idea of getting so much goodness and so many nutrients all in one ingredient makes me very happy and makes my life as a nutritionist that much easier. When I look at someone’s diet (even my own) I try to make it as nutrient-rich as possible while adding the least amount of calories. What this means is that instead of eating for example McDonalds and getting hardly any nutrients per calorie, I want you to instead eat something such as a Matcha superfood smoothie (recipe below) that is so high in nutrients and that will give your body everything that it needs, but with far fewer calories than a Big Mac. Or if you like, I always look to maximise the nutrient to calorie ratio. Continue reading “Matcha Powder: One of the Most Powerful Superfoods + 3 New Recipes You Need to Try Now!!”

Little Bo Smoothie’s Cubes

Morning guys, Well, I think its safe to say most of us are at work and into our normal routine, so I thought I would try and spark some excitement by sharing one of my favourite secrets to whipping up fast and delicious smoothie’s.

Now first things first, how is everyone going with my January Wellness Challenge?? If you haven’t had time read it, basically I decided to create a wellness challenge every month this year to help me be my very best. This month’s challenge is all about greens and eating 2 serves of greens every day! Continue reading “Little Bo Smoothie’s Cubes”

Christmas Home Made Gifts: Cherry Muesli

For this Christmas homemade gift idea, I’m showing you how to make one of my favourite muesli recipes.  This recipe is from the amazing Amy Chaplin, one of my favourite cooks.

I’ve made this recipe a number of times during this crazy busy season and it’s without a doubt one of the best mueslis I’ve ever made. The combination of nutty granola together with a handful of delicious dried cherries, apricots and raisins are too good for words and it hits the spot every time.  I love eating mine with a few dollops of coconut yogurt, fresh strawberries and some homemade almond milk. Definitely the perfect start to a day. Continue reading “Christmas Home Made Gifts: Cherry Muesli”