Valentines Day Chocolate Bark

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!  Now I no it’s not officially Valentines day until Sunday, but I thought you might like to whip up a batch of my favourite chocolate bark to give to your loved one this weekend. I love making my own chocolate, and what better reason then to gift it to the special person you love.

I wanted to share a recipe that’s really quick and easy to make and something that you can put your own spin on. This chocolate bark is ready in under 5 minutes and you can easily add in any dried fruit, superfoods, nuts, seeds or even freeze dried raspberries to make it extra special. Continue reading “Valentines Day Chocolate Bark”

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Peppermint Truffles

I love truffles. They are so simple and fun to make and best of all they taste incredible. I normally have a few different versions of truffles in my fridge as they are a great quick snack to have on the go or if I’m craving something chocolatey or sweet.

This version, however, is, even more, delicious as I added a splash of peppermint oil to the truffles that goes incredibly well with chocolate. These little chocolate balls are the best Christmas gifts as they’re a little bit naughty but still packed with so much goodness due to the cacao powder and the nuts. Continue reading “Homemade Christmas Gifts: Peppermint Truffles”

Christmas Home Made Gifts: Three Delicious Spreads

During the Christmas period our calendars get busy, there are lots of social occasions, and, generally speaking, our intake of food increases. So because of all of this I decided that it would be nice to give healthy homemade gifts to my friends and families as a way to try and ensure that even though we might be eating more cookies and chocolate we can still make them the best versions possible. Continue reading “Christmas Home Made Gifts: Three Delicious Spreads”

Christmas Home Made Gifts: Gingerbread Cookies

For the past three weeks, my house has smelt like Christmas.  I have been trialling these cookies and all sorts of variations before I was finally happy with the mixture. I am now so sick of gingerbread cookies (ha!)

My friends and family have been great samplers.  When they stop by I feed them cookie after cookie….really helpful! Continue reading “Christmas Home Made Gifts: Gingerbread Cookies”

Creamy Coconut Black Rice Pudding 

I’m the type of person who goes to bed thinking about what’s for breakfast. It really is my favorite meal of the day and I love waking up knowing I’ve got something delicious to eat with a warm cup of tea. Even though I love my green smoothies, I still can’t drink one on an empty stomach. I need it at 10am, after I’m fully awake and I’ve had my first breakfast. 

It’s safe to say, this black rice pudding is right up my alley and as soon as I figured out that I could make a healthy version and that it would actually be considered a nourishing breakfast, I was in the kitchen whipping it up. Continue reading “Creamy Coconut Black Rice Pudding “

Chocolate, Date and Nut Butter Energy Globes 

I was going to start with “summer is finally here”, but today I look out and it’s pouring with rain, the heaters are switched on and I’m back in my long leggings. Definitely not summer. However under all my layers I do have the resemblance of a slight tan from spending yesterday soaking up some much-needed vitamin D and enjoying lunch outside. Continue reading “Chocolate, Date and Nut Butter Energy Globes “

Raw Chocolate Brownies

As I’m coming to terms with this whole blogging side of my life I am learning a few things along the way.

  1. Scrolling through Pinterest can now be called ‘looking for inspiration’ (yeah right!!)
  2. Cooking is now part of my job (yay!!)
  3. Some weeks all I want to do is write, others I spend all my time in the kitchen
  4. I now go to sleep dreaming about ….” if I soak this and then blend this with that” (and on and on it goes)

Continue reading “Raw Chocolate Brownies”

Super-Food Almond Butter Cups

“ I love chocolate, but I really want to be healthy and have a great diet”

Isn’t this the biggest battle?  It’s called the chocolate and willpower battle and we deal with it everyday (or is this just me?)  Some days, willpower will win – hurrah!   Other days we slip bars of chocolate into our supermarket trolley, like “whoops my hand slipped, and oh, too late the cashier just scanned them through, oh well!!  Continue reading “Super-Food Almond Butter Cups”