Matcha Powder: One of the Most Powerful Superfoods + 3 New Recipes You Need to Try Now!!

I just love superfoods. The idea of getting so much goodness and so many nutrients all in one ingredient makes me very happy and makes my life as a nutritionist that much easier. When I look at someone’s diet (even my own) I try to make it as nutrient-rich as possible while adding the least amount of calories. What this means is that instead of eating for example McDonalds and getting hardly any nutrients per calorie, I want you to instead eat something such as a Matcha superfood smoothie (recipe below) that is so high in nutrients and that will give your body everything that it needs, but with far fewer calories than a Big Mac. Or if you like, I always look to maximise the nutrient to calorie ratio. Continue reading “Matcha Powder: One of the Most Powerful Superfoods + 3 New Recipes You Need to Try Now!!”

My Creamy Spiced Turmeric Chai

I feel at the moment everywhere I look people are switching their normal milky flat white to the beautifully creamy spiced chai with nut milk. I myself have been hooked on chia lattes (caffeine free) for a while now but it wasn’t until the other day that I actually decided to get my act together and make one at home. Who knows why it has taken me so long, but now that I have, there is no looking back and my Creamy Spiced Turmeric Chai is my new daily winter drink of choice. Continue reading “My Creamy Spiced Turmeric Chai”

Spotlight on Cacao Powder + My Macadamia Nut Hot Chocolate

I would describe cacao as this amazing rich chocolatey powder that not only tastes delicious, but it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals. It is in fact one of the highest food sources of magnesium. Basically, I’m obsessed and I’m hoping to encourage you all to start adding it by the spoonful in to your diet. Yes that’s right, I’m encouraging you all to add chocolate to your diet. No, this is not a joke!! We would all be better off if we replaced that milk chocolate rubbish we are so used to with this pure, raw, super food called cacao.  Continue reading “Spotlight on Cacao Powder + My Macadamia Nut Hot Chocolate”

My Immune Boosting Shot

I love juicing, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered peeling and preparing all the vegetables but I still want something fresh and nutrient rich. This is where juice shots come in; they are so fast to make with very little prep time. I love how I know I’m getting so many vitamins and minerals from this juice. It’s a quick shot to add to my morning routine when I’m feeling a little bit run down or in the lead up to a busy week.

This juice is low in calories, is full of vitamin C and antioxidants and is a great way to slip in some vegetables during the day, hidden in a delicious drink. Continue reading “My Immune Boosting Shot”

My Green lean smoothie

If you haven’t already picked up on it, I love green smoothies!!! They have been a huge part of my life and are a morning staple. There are so many different green smoothie recipes out there, but after many different taste testings this is hands down, mine and my families favourite.

It is packed full of many different vitamins and minerals which is what makes it such a staple in my diet. Some of the nutrients that are in high amounts include iron, vitamin C, A and K. Continue reading “My Green lean smoothie”

Raw Banana and Cacao syrup Milkshake

I’m a sucker for a milkshake, especially on a hot summer day. Now that I don’t consume dairy the concept of a milkshake has slightly changed. I was forced to come up with something new without all that milk. I love the challenge of having to change a classic recipe and come up with something that tastes better as well as being super nutritious and packed full of goodness. Continue reading “Raw Banana and Cacao syrup Milkshake”