I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in December

Merry Christmas lovelies!! Can you believe it’s December all ready and Christmas is just 5 days away!! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really on to it this year.

I’ve managed to purchase and wrap 99% of my Christmas presents and there all sitting beautifully under our sparkly Christmas tree in the lounge. I have to tell you this is such a big improvement on last year where the only festive thing in our house was a solitary Christmas card on on table…. I blame wedding planning for that, but don’t worry this year I’m onto it and I’m filling our house with lots and lots of Christmas decorations (sorry Matt). Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in December”

Part 2: Super Food Smoothies

Wahoo it’s time for part two of my super food smoothie series, using the delicious Chantal freeze dried powders.

As you know, a few weeks ago I shared two delicious super food smoothie recipes, one was a carrot and mango smoothie and the other a broccoli and chocolate smoothie. Today I’m going to share two completely new recipes using the final two freeze dried powders from Chantal. Continue reading “Part 2: Super Food Smoothies”

Part 1: Superfood Smoothies

Hey lovelies, hope you’re having a great morning

Last week I posted my Latest and Greatest feature for the month (which you should definitely check out) and among all the protein powders, kelp noodles and cookbooks, I also talked about this incredible range of freeze dried superfood powders.

In case you missed it, the foods used to make these powders are freeze dried, which locks in all their nutrients, before they are ground into powder. This means that just one 1 heaped tbsp of the powder is the equivalent to 10-12 cups of the fresh vegetable!! Isn’t that amazing. Continue reading “Part 1: Superfood Smoothies”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in November

Good morning my lovelies, so it’s that time again when I get to share all my favorite latest and greatest goodies from I.E Produce. I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for the whole year!! It’s been such a fun adventure and I’ve loved testing every single product and then letting you how to use them in your every day life.

This month I have another great collection of goodies to show you, from protein powders and bars to freeze dried super food powders, kelp noodles and even a fabulous cookbook that might inspire you to get in the kitchen and start whipping up some new Summer recipes. Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in November”

Chocolate Dessert Smoothie Bowls

Hi lovelies, how are you all going?

I’m sorry, I haven’t been blogging as much as usual during the past month, the reason being that I’m working on this really exciting new project that’s taking all my extra time and energy – more on that later. Thankfully I’ve managed to sit my butt down during this last week and do some much needed writing and recipe testing… so your inbox will be filled with new inspiration shortly. Continue reading “Chocolate Dessert Smoothie Bowls”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September

I’m so excited to share with you guys, this months ‘Latest and Greatest’ post from I.E Produce. There is definitely a theme this month, which I like to refer to as ‘eco friendly kitchen products’ and let me tell you, I have had so much fun testing and shooting all the goodies for this post (#bestjobever!!)

I have loved this month so much because I love natural home ware, but more importantly I love being able to show you all the different products that are out there, since I know a lot of you don’t know where to look or keep up with all that is new. Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in September”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in August

Good Morning lovelies, firstly I’m sorry that this month’s Latest and Greatest I.E. Produce post is so late. Reason being, I have been away for the last three weeks exploring Canada and America with my hubby and a bunch of our friends.

It was the most amazing trip filled with days sipping on delicious Chia Lattes, riding around on E-bikes, sitting in snug booths drinking bottomless cups of tea and coffee, watching two friends tie the knot, going photo crazy (we came across a black bear) and of course doing lots of walks, shopping, eating and exploring. Basically what all good holidays are about. Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in August”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in July

Good Morning lovelies. I can not believe it’s July already! Where is this year going?

But since it is July, it means that come the end of the month Matt and I will be flying to America and then on to Canada for a friends wedding. I am so excited because I’ve never been to Canada before or San Fran or Seattle for that matter, so it will be such a great chance to explore even more of the unknown.  But best of all we’re going to be heading to the warmth. Bring on sunshine, a golden tan and floaty summer dresses. I can’t wait!! Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in July”