New Product Love: ‘GreenRoots Organics’ Juices

Good morning beauties, you remember how last year I posted a monthly featured “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest”, well I’m excited to say that we’re continuing it on this year!! The first official post will be going live at the start of February, but because I just couldn’t wait, I thought I would do a little one off piece just to ease you into it. Continue reading “New Product Love: ‘GreenRoots Organics’ Juices”

My Back to Basics Cooking Workshop

Good morning lovelies,

I am planning a special workshop and want to tell you all about it. You might remember that last year I ran a back to basics cooking workshop, which was held over 6 weeks. Well I have decided to cover the same base areas, but instead of doing three workshops I have jam packed it into what should be, one fabulous evening of cooking, sampling and learning. Continue reading “My Back to Basics Cooking Workshop”

Inspirational Women and their Mornings: Storm and India

Welcome to ‘Inspirational Women and their Mornings’, a new series where I interview a bunch of amazing women and explore all of the ‘going-on’s’ in their morning routines in the hope of gaining a little insight into what makes them so inspirational.  (+ I also hope thatin the process some of that amazingness will rub off on me!!) Continue reading “Inspirational Women and their Mornings: Storm and India”

My 10 Tips for Travelling Like a Plant Based Boss

Do you struggle to stay healthy while you travel? Do you over eat, drink far to much coffee, stop exercising and basically give up everything that you normally do at home to be your best? Don’t worry we’ve all been there before (myself included). I have come up with my top ten tips for travelling like a plant based boss so you can learn how to enjoy your holiday while still sticking to your goals and feeling your best.  Continue reading “My 10 Tips for Travelling Like a Plant Based Boss”

Plant-Based Eating on a Budget

You want to know how to eat a plant-based diet on a budget? Well then this is the talk for you. We are going to be covering everything from the best plant-based foods to stock your pantry and fridge with, my favourite tips and tricks to save money in the kitchen, to recipes that cost under $10. We will also cover preparing and cooking your food to try and save you both time and money (since let’s be honest, most of us are a little time poor). Continue reading “Plant-Based Eating on a Budget”

I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in July

Good Morning lovelies. I can not believe it’s July already! Where is this year going?

But since it is July, it means that come the end of the month Matt and I will be flying to America and then on to Canada for a friends wedding. I am so excited because I’ve never been to Canada before or San Fran or Seattle for that matter, so it will be such a great chance to explore even more of the unknown.  But best of all we’re going to be heading to the warmth. Bring on sunshine, a golden tan and floaty summer dresses. I can’t wait!! Continue reading “I.E Produce Latest and Greatest in July”

How to get the most out of your Winter Juice Cleanse?

So yes, I get the irony, it’s rainy and wet outside, and I have on multiple jumpers but I’m about to embark on a two day raw, juice cleanse.

Yes, I probably should have thought a little bit ahead and considered the fact that, it wouldn’t be a sunny warm day when I began my cleanse. But at least my immune system is going to be super-strong and healthy and hopefully I will be strolling through winter feeling amazing!! Continue reading “How to get the most out of your Winter Juice Cleanse?”

Natural Beauty 101: Wellness Talk

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope you are well and managing to keep safe from all the nasty winter colds that seem to be everywhere at the moment. You are probably aware that a few weeks ago I had the first of my monthly series Wellness Talks. It was called “Winter Superfoods” and I spent the hour talking about those superfoods that are in my top ten and why they are amazing and how to get them into your diet. Continue reading “Natural Beauty 101: Wellness Talk”