New Cooking Workshop: “Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Snacks and Healthy Lunches”

Good morning lovelies, I have an exciting new workshop, that I just know you’re going to love!!!

How do I know that you ask?…..well considering most of my clients struggle to find healthy work meals, I figured you’re probably also struggling with the same thing. So as a way to help you head into 2017 feeling confident in the kitchen and excited about your meals, I’ve put together a three-part cooking workshop focusing on healthy work meals. Continue reading “New Cooking Workshop: “Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Snacks and Healthy Lunches””

My Back to Basics Cooking Workshop

Good morning lovelies,

I am planning a special workshop and want to tell you all about it. You might remember that last year I ran a back to basics cooking workshop, which was held over 6 weeks. Well I have decided to cover the same base areas, but instead of doing three workshops I have jam packed it into what should be, one fabulous evening of cooking, sampling and learning. Continue reading “My Back to Basics Cooking Workshop”

New Cooking Workshop: ‘Back to Basics’

Are you sick of looking at recipes and thinking .…… “there is no way I can make that, it looks way to hard” Or  “How the hell do you cook quinoa, let alone soak it” AND for that matter “why quinoa, what is so great about quinoa??”

Don’t worry, I get it. I was there once. I used to be and sometimes still am a slightly wayward cook. Continue reading “New Cooking Workshop: ‘Back to Basics’”