Healthy life, healthy body, healthy mind is my philosophy and also is one of my favourite sayings for two reasons. Firstly if you live a healthy life you will have a healthy body and a healthy mind, and secondly, life, body and mind are three different areas which need to be focused on daily to ensure that we are at our best.

I believe it also reminds us that we can not just focus on one area, such as good food. We need to pay attention to all the areas in our life to live a whole, happy and healthy life. It also reminds us that this is a lifestyle not a fad or a one month program. We must work at our health everyday to be at our best.

When I see clients I focus a lot of my time on feeding their primary foods over their secondary foods. Primary foods are your relationships, physical activity, career and spiritual practice. I hold them at a slightly higher value than secondary foods, which are what you eat and drink. This is definitely a new way for people to think and I only came across it during my time at Integrative Nutrition.

What we eat is just one source of nourishment. When we are not nourishing our relationships or exercising regularly, it doesn’t matter what we eat, we will never truly get what our bodies actually need. When we are happy and satisfied with our lives, our relationships and our jobs we make better food choices. We are no longer looking for food to offer support or comfort. We also learn to listen to our bodies and assess what we’re actually craving in life. This is what I mean by feeding your primary foods over your secondary foods.

I believe in:

  • Local is best; get to know your suppliers and the people you buy your food from. This way you can ask questions and find out where you food has come from.
  • A plant-centric diet i.e a diet high in plant foods from the earth such as fruits, vegetables, nut, seeds, grains, legumes and beans
  • Crowding in the good and crowding out the bad
  • Food should work for you, you should enjoy it and it should nourish you
  • What we put into our bodies directly impacts our minds, bodies and overall health
  • Bio-individuality; One persons gold is another’s poison. We are all different and we all need different things, so I believe that what works for you might not necessarily work for someone else. Trust in yourself and listen to your body, it will tell you if the food nourishes or depletes you
  • Good health starts in the kitchen with clean unprocessed foods free of additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Working on it everyday and every meal. It’s a lifestyle. Some days will be easier and some will be harder, but you need to stick at it and not give up
  • Stress less and find daily ways to manage and handle the stressors of life. If you leave stress to build up it can have a very negative impact on your health
  • Down time each day to your self to do things you love and to stop, breathe and re-centre
  •  Respect the body you have. Learn to love it, appreciate it and nourish it and in turn it will love you back
  • Be active every day even if it’s as small as taking the stairs over the lift.

I don’t believe in:

  • Deprivation. When you listen to your body you can make smart choices without the guilt. If you try to eliminate foods from your diet too drastically you will end up craving them and focusing on what you can’t have instead of what you can have.
  • Counting calories. It takes the enjoyment away from food and instead puts pressure on food

Now, just because I believe this does not mean that I’m perfect and that I don’t need to also practice what I preach. I’m constantly working on my own health and learning to listen to my body so that I can be at my best.

You only have one life and one body, so you might as well make it the most amazing, healthy and fabulous life and body you can, and that’s where I come in. If my philosophy and way of living resonates with you or if you’re just looking for some guidance to live a healthier life please click over to my consultation section for more information on how to become a client and what I offer.

I look forward to hearing from you

Renee x